Sigma Logistics’ electronic documentation helps support Rogue RCWS


Integrated product support and technical documentation services provider Sigma Logistic Solutions has brought technical documentation into the 21st century with its Interactive Maintenance Management System (IMMS). This is being used by Dynateq International to support its Remote Control Weapon Systems (RCWS) for naval applications.

At the end of 2022, Sigma Logistic Solutions delivered an electronic documentation solution to Dynateq International for its Super Sea Rogue RCWS. This is equipped with the Rheinmetall KAE 20 x 128 mm rapid fire cannon, and is designed specifically for naval applications as a stabilised primary weapon system for a variety of naval vessels. The RCWS includes an electro-optical system and tracking capability with a laser range finder for a high degree of accuracy.

Dynateq International, a subsidiary of Reunert, designs, manufactures and supports a suite of RCWSs, namely the Rogue Lite, Rogue, and Super Rogue, which are used across multiple land and sea platforms. Sigma is the current technical documentation provider for the Land Rogue RCWS.

Sigma’s proprietary Interactive Support and Maintenance Management System is paperless and web-based, allowing documentation to be viewed on any device, anywhere, at any time. The latest documents are always available online, in one place, and there is interactivity between documents. Being digital allows for extra security, with access via encrypted passwords – two-factor authentication is required to log in to the system.

IMMS brings technical documentation into the digital era, and displays support documentation such as illustrated parts catalogues, maintenance procedures, operator procedures, and technical descriptions.

IMMS allows for convenient and easy spares ordering (including from the original equipment manufacturer) through Data Modules (DMs) using a cart based system. Stock levels can be viewed before spares are ordered, and a stock level warning can be sent when stocks reach a pre-determined level.

As part of their product support tool suite, Sigma offers an asset management tool, recording maintenance and the movement and history of system components. Users can, for example, see when the next maintenance date of an asset is.

Sigma has developed an XML Tool that allows it to easily generate documentation. “Basically, these electronic documents are fully interactive which allow users to jump between documents and diagrams by clicking links and also easily find parts by the use of hotspots within the documents,” explains Jan Van Der Merwe, Business Development: Sigma Logistic Solutions. This reduces the cost and time creating documents, ensures a user friendly experience, and is easy to update. Having documentation available digitally means reduced cost, and availability wherever there is an internet connection.

Documents are produced by Sigma in accordance with the S1000D international specification that covers technical publications. S1000D has been in existence for over 30 years and is used across defence, civil aviation, construction, and the shipping industry. “With the adoption of S1000D worldwide, Sigma seeks to be on the fore front of the development of documentation regardless of format or specification. Sigma can provide a tailored solution to suit any requirements,” the company says.

Sigma Logistic Solutions has been providing solutions to the commercial and defence industries for more than three decades. Throughout this time the company has built solid relationships with local and international clients to supply quality products and services. The company has grown to be the largest dedicated supplier of technical documentation and support services in South Africa.

Sigma employs industry specialists across all disciplines of technical documentation, logistic support analysis, training, asset management, and configuration control. The company has branches in Pretoria and Cape Town that cater to all commercial, aerospace, and defence clients.

The company has been involved in a wide-range of military and commercial projects over the years. Recent military projects include major elements of the South African Army Mobile Air Defence System (MOBADS), the complete Water Provisioning System (WPS), the Milkor Y4 40 mm hand-held grenade launcher, and support documentation for South African Navy frigates and submarines. Recent commercial projects include support documentation for Bell Equipment’s Large E Series of Articulated Dump Trucks and PRASA’s X’Trapolis Mega Train passenger trainset.