SGD providing communications management for Swing Role Surveillance System


South African company Saab Grintek Defence (SGD) will provide the communication management system for the new airborne Swing Role Surveillance System (SRSS) ordered by the United Arab Emirates.

Last week the United Arab Emirates (UAE) awarded Saab a contract to supply two Bombardier Global 6000 jets equipped with its Swing Role Surveillance System (SRSS) incorporating a new version of the Saab Erieye radar system. The order is worth approximately $1.27 billion.

The SRSS also includes the AviCom Communications Management System produced at Saab Grintek Defence’s facilities in Centurion.
“Saab Grintek Defence’s fourth-generation integrated communications management system – AviCom – which was released last year, provides an integrated aircraft communication management system, providing a user-friendly interface to simplify aircrew interaction, improving operational effectiveness and flight safety,” said Leif Karlsson, Acting President and CEO of SGD.

SGD’s family of Communications Management Systems (CMS) have a proven track record and are utilised in a multitude of platforms across the globe, SGD said. The current fourth-generation system provides a capability of flexible configurations ranging from two seat aircraft, helicopters to large cargo and special mission aircraft. The flexible and scalable architecture can be adapted to meet user requirements, interfacing to multiple users and/or multiple radios, typical of special mission aircraft.
“It is important that our local products form part of the global Saab offerings and solutions. AviCom’s selection showcases it’s capability to meet mission critical communication demands of this state-of-the-art multi-crew airborne surveillance aircraft”, said Karlsson.

Some of AviCom’s features include the use of digital audio, open system architecture, direct sunlight readable and Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compatible displays and secure communication capability.

Roughly 95% of systems manufactured at Saab’s headquarters in Centurion, South Africa are sold to export markets, making it a valuable source of income for South Africa. These include Electronic Warfare Self Protection Suites, Maritime ESM Systems, Civilian Aircraft Missile Protection Systems, Communications Management Systems, In-flight Data Recording Systems and Health and Usage Monitoring Systems.

Saab’s interest in South Africa arose as a result of the 1999 arms acquisition, in which South Africa purchased 26 Gripen fighters. Saab Grintek Defence is now the largest Saab subsidiary outside of Sweden.

Saab recently opened an office in Botswana, in addition to its South African and Kenyan offices.