Saab sees huge potential in Africa


Saab South Africa sees significant opportunities for doing business in sub-Sahara Africa and is actively pursuing those markets.

Speaking at the Africa Aerospace and Defence exhibition at AFB Waterkloof, Saab SA CEO Magnus Lewis-Olsson remarked that there were many positives when looking at Africa.

Africa possesses approximately 30% of the Earth’s combined remaining mineral resources. Alongside this, Africa is also the second most populous continent, with 1.1 billion people. Annual GDP growth was between 5-6% for 2013 and forecasts are for continued growth.

Despite all the opportunities, there are still challenges. In Saab’s view, these include poaching and illicit capital outflows, terrorism, piracy, conflict, drugs and natural disasters.

But with challenges come opportunities and Saab has numerous products to assist African countries counter these challenges.

One example is the Saab MSA340 maritime surveillance aircraft which can be used for coastal surveillance, as well as the Giraffe 3D surveillance radar system.

The Skeldar VTOL surveillance UAV and command & control systems can be used for anti-poaching operations, whilst the SAFE interactive VOIP communication system can be sued by the police and security industry as a cost-effective software controlled communication system for civil security.

Other Saab units can provide mobile medical centres for disaster relief.

Saab is very proud of their locally developed land vehicle LEDS (Land Electronic Defence System) which is selling well. The LEDS-50 Mk 2 is a vehicle-mounted system is a scalable warning and automated softkill solution that provides protection against laser-based anti-armour threats.