Saab Grintek Defence wins Exporter Award for second year in a row


Local company Saab Grintek Defence (SGD) has been given the Exporter Award for the second year running at the annual South Africa Premier Business Awards.

The SA Premier Business Awards celebrates business excellence in South Africa and is organised by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), in partnership with Proudly South Africa and Brand South Africa.

The Exporter Award aims to recognise all export industry sectors and encourages other South African companies to participate in international business development and markets, SGD said. The Award further aims to recognise South African enterprises which invest in both human and technical resources in various projects or activities, produce quality products and services and remain domestically and internationally competitive.

Saab Grintek Defence was awarded the same award in 2013, the year the company celebrated a record year in terms of exports and subsequent revenue income for South Africa. The company has continued on its growth, celebrating various successes on the international and local front – making it a deserving winner of the distinguished Exporter Award, SGD said.

Magnus Lewis-Olsson, CEO of Saab Grintek Defence, Molly Mogotsi of Export and Shipping, Evelyn Motsatsing of Business Support and Chris Skinner, Head of Marketing and Sales received the award.
“We are very proud of this award as it shows the valuable contribution SGD continues to make to South Africa’s revenue. We continuously strive to market, sell and develop new products – this Award serves as renewed inspiration to continue on our successful path,” said Lewis-Olsson.

Roughly 95 percent of systems manufactured at Saab’s headquarters in Centurion, South Africa, are sold to export markets, making it a valuable source of income for South Africa. These include Electronic Warfare Self Protection Suites, Maritime ESM Systems, Civilian Aircraft Missile Protection Systems, Communications Management Systems, In-flight Data Recording Systems, Health and Usage Monitoring Systems.