Saab Grintek acquires TAE division


The military radio systems and data networks division moves to the Saab Grintek stable.Black empowered technology group Saab Grintek has bought the communications division of Thales Advanced Engineering (TAE), for an undisclosed amount.

The acquisition, effective this month, will see TAE`s communications division move to Grintek`s communications division, which focuses on tactical military radio products and systems.

TAE provides software and hardware solutions for data networks over military radio systems.

“The TAE team is important in providing networked radio communications systems to the South African National Defence Force and is a comfortable fit with the rest of Saab Grintek Communications` activities,” says Makhup Nyama, Grintek CEO, in a statement.

He adds the acquisition is part of Grintek`s strategy to expand its business interests in SA. Nyama is unwilling to disclose the deal`s value.