SA and Venezuela eye joint venture on oil

Venezuela is looking at forming a joint venture with South Africa’s PetroSA to exploit a mature oil field in the South American country, a Venezuelan state oil company official said.
The project between Venezuela’s PDVSA and PetroSA, which is also state-owned, would require an investment of $400 million (R2959 million) over four years, PDVSA Vice President Eulogio Del Pino told reporters.
“We signed an agreement to do a study together on mature fields in the state of Anzoategui, where there are around 170 million barrels in the Quiamare-La Ceiba field,” he said.
Del Pino said the field, which was operated by ExxonMobil until 2005, could produce up to 30 000 barrels a day.
The two companies already work together on certifying and quantifying reserves held in the heavy-crude Boyaca 4 oil block in the Orinoco oil belt, which Venezuela says has the largest hydrocarbon reserves in the world.
The agreement was announced at the end of a two-day summit of African and South.

Pic: Oil substation