Russian delegation arrives in Somaliland


Somaliland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed a high-powered Russian business delegation that is in Somaliland to explore investment opportunities and strengthen relations.

The delegation which consists of investors and journalists is in the country for a four-day visit and are expected to meet with different Somaliland ministers and the president.

They will travel to number of locations where they will examine investment-related opportunities in a bid to strengthen bilateral economic and commercial relations in the region.

According to sources the Russians want to renew their relations with the nations of the Horn of Africa under new foreign policy dubbed ‘Horn of Africa initiative’, similar to that one of the days of the Soviet Union. They added that Somaliland was the first of a number of countries the Russians want to develop ties with.

They will visit port of Berbera, where they will meet President Dahir Rayale.

Berbera’s 12-metre deep-water facility was constructed in 1964 by Russian engineers at a cost of $5.6 million. They have also constructed the longest run way in the region in the 70s.

The reports added that the Russians want to invest in oil exploration and other infrastructures.

In the final-leg of their visit, the Russian delegation will dine at Mansor Hotel where they will meet with former Somali students who studied in the Soviet Union.

Last week, the Russian navy operating the coast of Somalia, turned over seven suspected pirates to Somaliland authorities in the Sanag region.

Pic: Somaliland flag