Rosoboronexport sets its sights on Africa


Russian state arms conglomerate Rosoboronexport is looking to expand its presence in Africa as it celebrates 20 years of existence.

“Further development and expansion of cooperation with African states is among the priorities of Rosoboronexport, which celebrated its 20th anniversary on the 4th of November,” the holding company stated, adding that “Africa is interested in Russian weapons, and we can offer comprehensive solutions to respond to any modern security challenge, including such urgent contemporary threats as terrorism, drug trafficking, organized crime, illegal migration.”

Rosoboronexport said it is ready to develop cooperation with old and new African partners and this includes the sales of equipment, technology transfer, repair, maintenance and overhaul and local production of small arms and ammunition.

Rosoboronexport believes African countries are most interested in Russian helicopters, wheeled armoured vehicles, air defence systems (including special systems to combat small-sized unmanned aerial vehicles), small arms and naval boats.

“Among the most promising Russian export products in the aviation segment is the modernized Mi-35P helicopter, the latest modification in the Mi-24 family of attack helicopters, which are widely known in Africa and have proven their high efficiency in the hot climate of the continent. The new Mi-35P retains all the advantages of the Mi-24, while it has become able to operate at night, and its weapon suite has been optimized for the missions of fire support for troops,” the company stated.

Rosoboronexport noted the positive response from African countries at the Russia-Africa Economic Forum that took place in Sochi, Russia, from 23 to 25 October 2019. “During the forum meetings were held with the top leadership of a number of states. The partners from Africa were shown the most relevant Russian products for the armed forces and other law enforcement agencies. In particular, the MiG-35 fighter jet, the upgraded Mi-35P attack helicopter, the Mi-171Sh military transport helicopter, the Ansat multipurpose helicopter and the TIGR armoured vehicles were presented to them.”