Rippel Effect filling major grenade launcher export orders


Large export orders meant Pretoria-based Rippel Effect could not enjoy a festive season shutdown at the end of last year. Instead it was all hands at work to ensure the first batch of more than 1 300 handheld 40mm XRGL extended range grenade launchers went to buyers in the first month of 2018.

The XRGL40 extended range grenade launcher is now operational with armed forces of 14 countries around the world from South East Asia and Latin America through the Middle East to Europe, including two NATO countries.

The latest shipment also includes a first consignment to another new client in Western Europe.
“Making this an experience to be remembered is the launchers, designed and developed in South Africa are now manufactured by a majority black-owned company,” military veteran and majority shareholder of the Silverton headquartered company, Donald “Buti” Ramfolo, said.

Rippel Effect pioneered the extended range 40mm multi-shot system when it introduced the concept to the world at the Small Arms and Cannons Symposium at Shrivenham in the United Kingdom a decade ago. It proved the XRGL40 extended range system could effectively be used at distances up to 800 meters.
“Selling the concept in those early years was difficult. We proved the concept with our own experimental ammunition in anticipation of international ammunition manufacturers coming to the party, which Rheinmetall Denel Munitions successfully did in 2012 when they qualified the first medium velocity (MV) ammunition for use with the XRGL40,” Rippel Effect’s Fritz Visser said.
“The significant export orders received in recent times – and now executing, show the XRGL40 is the hand-held 40mm multi-shot extended range grenade launcher of choice for infantry and other forces around the world,” he said adding “Several of the current 14 clients have placed multiple return orders since their first acquisition of the XRGL40”.

Ramfolo pointed out last year saw the company bringing Rippel’s latest products, the RLL37/38 and RLL40 less lethal launchers, into production. “We also brought manufacturing of our sighting systems, the electronic programmable multi-velocity GR40 and the GRN40, completely in-house.|

Weighing 3,7kg, the RLL cycles on semi-automatic by trigger pull only. This means it does not need a pump action or additional gas to cycle. Another significant benefit is the operator being able to select backwards and forwards between rounds without opening the launcher, enabling a “cocktail” of different grenades to be loaded for different scenarios.
“We delivered the first export orders for the RLL last year and are currently under contract from three new international clients for delivery in the next four months,” Visser said.

This month (January) will see the RLL40 displayed at the Shot Show in Las Vegas in conjunction with Rippel Effect’s USA partner, AMTEC Less-Lethal Systems, and in March it will be at ISNR (International Exhibition for National Security and Resilience) in Abu Dhabi on the exhibition stand of Rippel’s partner in the United Arab Emirates, International Golden Group.