Reutech showcasing new naval radar


Reutech Radar Systems is showcasing its new RTS 3200 electro-optical and radar tracking system, which has been trialled on a South African Navy frigate.

The RTS 3200 Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) Optronics Radar Tracker (FORT) was developed in response to requests for a niche light-weight electro-optic radar tracker as a cost-effective alternative to conventional electro-optic trackers that struggle under adverse weather conditions, Reutech said.

The system completed integration and testing at Reutech followed by installation on-board the SA Navy Valour-class frigate SAS Spioenkop. It was fully integrated with the existing combat suite. Trials were undertaken under varying sea state and weather conditions.

The radar remained on board the SAS Spioenkop until the end of July 2015, after which it was removed and returned to Reutech for integration with the company’s RSR 210N 2D naval surveillance radar, which is a product currently in service with the Royal Norwegian Navy aboard their Fridtjof Nansen class frigates.

Reutech said the FORT radar can be integrated with various optronics sensors including thermal imagers, infra-red sensors, laser range finders and vessel self-protection countermeasures such as laser dazzlers. “This feature makes the system well suited to multiple naval surveillance and fire control applications including ship self-defence during anti-piracy operations,” Reutech said.
“The product is also designed for application aboard smaller naval vessels which would normally only employ electro-optic trackers. RTS 3200’s low transmitted power levels hamper detection by hostile counter-measures thus allowing for more covert operations compared with conventional pulsed tracking radars. The radar also makes use of proven solid state transmitter electronics which greatly improves the overall reliability of the system, while at the same time reducing heat load and power consumption.”