Reutech eyes regional growth in the Middle East


The joint participation in the World Defence Show (WDS) 2024 of Etion Create, Dynateq International, Reutech Radar Systems, Reutech Communications and Fuchs Electronics underscores the success in the region of their group, Reunert Applied Electronics.

“From the time we signed a number of significant contracts in this region in recent times, Etion Create has now established a presence here, specifically in Saudi Arabia,” said Tobie van Loggerenberg, executive business development manager. “Etion Create now has a strong relationship with a major Saudi defence electronics company, which is manufacturing our proven CheetahNAV vehicle navigation system that is operational in a number of Saudi military vehicles.”

This is part of Etion’s localisation strategy in the Kingdom that will continue to be incrementally rolled out, notably with additional innovative products, he said. On display at WDS2024 is the company’s smaller Cheetah Compact, as well as a rugged keyboard and a set of routers. These devices form part of a new battlefield management system designed to meet a specific Saudi requirement. Etion Create expects the Cheetah Compact and rugged keyboard to be as successful as its CheetahNAV, which is proving effective in the harsh and extreme battlefield environments of the Middle East.

“We firmly believe our products, now produced locally, will meet the stringent requirements of the Saudi armed forces,” Van Loggerenberg said.

Like Etion Create, Reutech Radar Systems has also established a solid footprint in the region. The company is expanding its market share, notably with its surveillance and tracking radars.

Anthony Green, systems and solutions specialist, said the company’s product line-up includes ground-based and naval radars for both surveillance and fire control applications. “Our RSR 906 system could be deployed against ground targets such as vehicles and dismounted troops, as well as aerial targets and in coastal surveillance against surface vessels,” he said. “As an air surveillance radar, it can designate targets, such as aircraft and drones, to a fire control system.”

The lightweight and compact fire control RTS 3200 can receive target designation from external sources, such as the RSR 906 surveillance radar. “Having acquired the target, it can output high data rate tracking to weapon systems. such as guns or missiles,” Green said.

The company’s RSR 610 radar is a fixed-panel non-rotating surveillance radar for application against ground targets, drones, and small fast-moving water-borne targets. Its compact nature makes it suitable for a vehicular role.

For protection of land vehicles, the RSR-150 3D radar sensor can rapidly acquire and track multiple incoming projectiles, such as rocket-propelled grenades, and also detect and track sniper fire.

For its part, DynaTeq International’s product range is designed, engineered, and manufactured to operate in harsh environments, such as those found in the Middle East. Its Rogue and Super remote controlled weapon system (RCWS) for various calibres have been successfully exported for many years.

Business development head Deon Botha said: “Our latest RCWS offerings are the Land Rogue LITE fitted with a 7.62 mm weapon and gunshot detector for APCs or minesweepers, and the 12.7 mm Sea Rogue-S 2023, which is ideal for installation on fast interceptor vessels.”

Reutech Communications offers a range of new-generation communication systems, comprising wideband software-defined combat net radios (CNR). A user-definable cryptographic module provides full autonomy for both encryption and hopping algorithms. Other features include embedded data link capability, enabling network centric warfare.

Fuchs Electronics, first-time exhibitor at WDS, is internationally renowned for its innovative electronic fuzes for various types of ordnance. These include fuzes for mortar and artillery systems, including artillery rocket systems, naval and air weapons, as well as grenade launcher systems and air burst programmers.

“Our tube and air-launched ammunition products give users the leading edge in operational efficiency and force multiplication,” said Henry Abrahams, business development executive. Fuchs Electronics recently celebrated 60 years in the defence industry.


Republished with permission from Times Aerospace. This article first appeared in the WDS 2024 show daily publication – the original version can be found here.