Reusable Objects receives Armscor CEO Award


Reusable Objects has been awarded the Armscor CEO Award for its contribution to developing a learning programme for Armscor employees.Reusable Objects, a subsidiary of the Riverbend Learning Group, has been awarded the Armscor CEO Award for its outstanding contribution to developing a sustainable, blended learning programme, utilising an online, solutions-driven approach that facilitates an effective and speedy skills transfer to Armscor employees.

In giving recognition to individuals and/or teams for outstanding achievement of a technical, non-technical and business nature, the CEO Award is presented by Armscor to its employees and/or external people who have performed work of which the results will impact, or have the potential to impact, beyond the boundaries of Armscor and the Department of Defence.

Reusable Objects, which holds a critical area of expertise in developing customised, highly interactive, e-learning content for the education and training market, providing engaging, outcomes-based educational offerings that maximise learner potential, was selected as one of Armscor`s primary e-learning partners and the provider of its local e-learning platform.

With transformation as the motivation, Armscor realised the critical need for skills-development within its workforce.

"Reusable Objects met our need for a structure and discipline in a self-paced learning environment that encourages responsibility and a self-directed focus – a cost-effective Learner Management System (LMS), independent of an enterprise IT solution. The relationship with Reusable Objects has facilitated the development and implementation of a blended learning solution, applicable through available technology at Armscor, which can be applied on a daily basis through the Armscor Learning Portal," said Bryan Griffiths, senior manager skills development at Armscor.

As part of risk abatement, Armscor ran a pilot project with a cross-section of 63 Armscor employees over a three-month period, the purpose of which was to gauge the effectiveness of an e-learning solution and to get a feel for the processes and infrastructural requirements of managing a portal.

The successful pilot has led Armscor to embark on an ambitious e-learning development strategy, which includes the development of e-learning courses for core business functions. Subsequently, the first online, NQF Level 4 learnership in South Africa has begun, with 20 candidates selected, all of whom are sponsored by the Services SETA.

The Armscor Learning Portal offers the functionality necessary to support a developing learning culture. Since roll-out, in excess of 100 learners have enrolled on short, unit standard-based courses.

Alison Jacobson, managing director of Reusable Objects, said: "We are delighted to have been awarded the CEO Award. By working together with Armscor to implement their vision in a way that we have proven to work, we have not only successfully implemented an e-learning solution, but have also developed a really solid customer relationship that is proving to be of great benefit to both companies."