REMULES, the world’s first all-in-one, fully mobile, carbon fibre solar system


Renewable energy solution, ideal for aid organisations and military forces deployed in crisis zones, debuts at LFA 2015.

Highly mobile and ultra-light, quick to install, easy to transport and totally autonomous, the world’s first all-in-one, carbon fibre solar system REMULES made a well remarked debut on the international stage at the LFA – Land Forces Africa – 2015.

With its reliability and speed of installation this power supply system matches perfectly the needs of humanitarian aid organisations and military forces deployed in crisis zones: the REMULES solar system is the ideal renewable energy solution for use in the field.

Whether for refugee camps or deployed military camps, a secure and uninterrupted power supply is vital. The innovative REMULES solar system has been designed to respond precisely to this demand. This state-of-the-art engineering feat accomplished in cooperation with companies from the aerospace and solar industries makes it possible to replace or reduce the use of the noisy, fuel-consuming and polluting diesel generators that are traditionally used to supply power to camps.

REMULES – a complete system in one box

REMULES is a complete, all-in-one solar system, which means that the system, contained in a box, includes all the components necessary for its functioning as well as separate battery units to ensure a directly available and uninterrupted supply of electrical power.

With its output of 2 kWp, the system can operate 100% standalone or in co-generation with other generators. Thanks to its integrated bi-axial sun tracking mechanism, REMULES is the most efficient solar system available, producing up to 40% more energy than fix mounted systems.

Ultra-light, robust and tested under toughest conditions

The main specificity of REMULES is its carbon fibre technology, ensuring a robust design while minimising the weight of all major components. Thus the system has shock-absorbing capabilities and can be airdropped in remote areas where infrastructure is lacking or has been destroyed.

With a net weight of only 190kg, the system can then be comfortably carried by four people to the camp and set up for operation in just 10 minutes by one person.

REMULES has been extensively tested under the toughest conditions and can operate in extreme environments such as sandy, dusty deserts or mountain regions with snow and ice, which is precisely what is required for the vast range of modern operations around the globe.

REMULES key features:

* Mobile all-in-one solar system 

REMULES is a complete, all-in-one solar system that can be set up for operation by just one person within 10 minutes. 
* Ultra-lightweight carbon fibre design 

Constructed entirely from light carbon fibre, REMULES has a net system weight of only 190 kg. 
* Airdrop proven 

REMULES is designed to withstand the toughest environmental conditions and has shock-absorbing capabilities. The system has been airdrop tested according to Nato standards. 
* Bi-axial solar tracking for optimised power output, initialised using GPS data 

Thanks to the integrated GPS tracking system, REMULES solar modules can follow the position of the sun in two axes. REMULES produces up to 40 % more energy than fix mounted systems. 
* High efficiency solar modules 

The solar modules are made from composite materials used in the aerospace industry (certified IEC solar norms). The efficiency of the monocrystalline cells exceeds 22?%. 
* Anti-reflection and stealth PV modules 
Thanks to the use of cutting-edge SST (stealth solar technology) and special composite materials for the REMULES solar modules, the modules cannot be spotted by radar signals. 
* Not detectable by thermal imaging devices 

Since REMULES does not produce heat, it cannot be identified by thermal imaging devices. Furthermore, the system operates completely silently.


REMULES (Renewable Mobile Ultra Light Energy System) is manufactured in Austria, by smartflower energy technology GmbH. Further information:

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