RDM people have pride in “their” company


Following the recent achievement in breaking three world records for long range indirect missile fire, employees at Rheinmetall Denel Munition (RDM) show their pride in their employer’s achievements, particularly in how it approaches career development.

From IT staff to interns, personal assistants to arms control officers, employees share their conviction that their choice of employer is a source of pride for them and their families.

Intern Tsholofelo Ramakutoane said RDM gave her a platform to broaden her horizons. “I am proud to be associated with RDM. I started work in the marketing department and gained exposure to the events and exhibitions industry. I am currently working in product development and who knows where opportunity will lead next?”

Arms control administrator Candice Mesias has been in her position for five years and said because of her work she supports her family and improves herself academically.

Francois Langeveld works in the IT server administration section, where it is vital to ensure competency levels are met and also kept to a high standard. “I have grown personally and developed the necessary skills and certification to be a more marketable individual, which ensures my financial security. For instance, RDM exposed me to the latest technology in IT Governance. That not only makes me proud to be employed by RDM, but it brings a smile to my face.”

Long-time employee Lucille Jantjies, a secretary in Plant Engineering, started working for RDM 28 years ago, and said joining RDM was one of the best decisions of her life. “We have the opportunity to voice our opinions to management and see the contributions we make in reaching the company’s vision. RDM cares about our happiness and our well-being. We work in a rewarding environment and are treated as part of one big family.”

Herman Rabe is a Project Manager, who has been with RDM for 31 years and says the company not only offered him the chance to study further, but also allows him to use his expertise daily . He believes RDM is one of a handful of companies in the Macassar area that works with high technology products and it is a source of pride for him that he gets to interact with some top echelon leaders at international companies that are RDM’s clients.

“Choosing the right career is one thing, but finding a company that looks to nurture and grow you both professionally and personally is rare. RDM prides itself on acknowledging and empowering not only the people it employs, but invests in equal measure to the communities in which it operates, to the collective benefit of all,” Jan-Patrick Helmsen, CEO of RDM concludes.