RDM increasing production to meet growing demand


Rheinmetall Denel Munition (RDM) is in the process of increasing production at its facilities in response to growing demand for artillery ammunition, and aims to improve throughput by at least 30% to meet mid-term supply requirements.

RDM on 7 June said that various capital projects are in execution to improve the throughput of plants. The company’s main focus is to modernise its plants with high-technology equipment. Some of the major projects to come on stream in the latter half of 2018 involve the installation of an additional forge facility, as well as CNC machines to increase capacity.
“This is aimed at enhancing throughput of both forging and downstream processes. The target is to improve throughput by at least 30% to meet mid-term supply requirements,” RDM said.

A lot of demand has been for its Assegai range of 155 mm artillery shells. “With the expanding customer interest it has become necessary to recapitalize some areas of the company’s production facilities to meet the growing demand of its products from established and new customers,” RDM said. New customers include Australia, which late last year placed a large order for 155 mm Assegai rounds.

RDM said the unique advantages of the Assegai range are increasingly attracting the interest and recognition of the artillery user community around the globe. Current projectile development activities are focused on enhanced product features that will meet increasing customer demands in terms of range, precision and on-target effect.

Projectiles in the Assegai family are available in boat tail or base bleed format, and includes the rocket assisted V-LAP (Velocity Enhanced- Long range Artillery Projectile).