Quazal selects IBM


In this World Wide Wrap: Quazal selects IBM, BAE advances airborne networking, and Alcatel-Lucent wins contract.

Quazal selects IBM

Quazal Technologies, a provider of networking middleware to the games industry and makers of the Net-Z, Rendez-Vous and Spark online multiplayer products, has selected IBM to support its rapid growth in the global games market, reports Finchannel.com.

"Challenged by the difficulty of building and operating large, online game infrastructures, game publishers are turning to Quazal for solutions. In order to meet the increasingly complex needs of publishers and continue its expansion globally, Quazal required a platform that could scale to meet increasing player load, support unpredictable traffic spikes and speed new feature deployment." IBM reports.

Quazal chose IBM as the key technology and services provider to migrate its platform from Hewlett-Packard DL Servers to IBM BladeCenter servers.

BAE advances airborne networking

BAE Systems earlier this month delivered the first production units of a next-generation datalink terminal for US combat aircraft, ushering in a new era of connectivity for fast-moving jets on the battlefield, says Flightglobal.

Meanwhile, the company, formerly known as BAE Systems North America, is also awaiting a final decision expected by end-year from the US Department of Defence on the path forward for developing a new waveform for high data-rate communications.

Since the 1980s, Link 16 has been the standard data network for a generation of combat aircraft, but it is currently limited to 256kbps throughput and governed by assigning time slots to each user for transmitting and receiving messages.

Alcatel-Lucent wins contract

Alcatel-Lucent has been awarded a contract by Delta Telecom to deploy Azerbaijan`s first commercial WiMax 802.16e-2005 (Rev-e) network, states Cellular News.

It will accommodate stationary, nomadic and mobile applications and will complement Delta Telecom`s existing fixed broadband services in sparsely populated areas, where technical and economic factors sometimes make fixed broadband deployments impractical.

Delta Telecom plans to launch the commercial services on the network at the end of 2008.