ProtectionWeb launches as South Africa’s newest security sector news publication


South Africa’s security sector is massive, employing nearly 3 million people, and the government’s peace and security budget stands at nearly R250 billion a year. Given how big this sector is and the relatively narrow news coverage it garners, a new website aims to fully illuminate its activities and understand its importance.

ProtectionWeb, a sister publication of defenceWeb, has just launched as an authoritative resource within the security community, providing up-to-date information and insights through daily news articles and features that cover cyber security, border security, civil security, correctional services, the police, fire and safety, industry, maritime security, state security, mining, and technology and innovation.

ProtectionWeb’s first week of reporting includes interviews with leading role players such as the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority, Business Against Crime South Africa, and national police commissioner General Fannie Masemola.

“We are excited to announce the launch of ProtectionWeb, a platform designed to be a valuable resource for anyone interested in the security industry in Africa,” said Nivashni Nair, editor of ProtectionWeb. “Our first edition features engaging content that will empower our target audience to make informed decisions. Our goal is to provide security professionals, government, businesses, and the public with the knowledge and resources required to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the security sector.”

ProtectionWeb aims to bridge the information gap in South African security and be the go-to platform for security professionals and enthusiasts, allowing them to access information, network, and stay updated with industry developments.

“The security sector is absolutely massive, particularly in South Africa where more than 2.7 million private security officers are registered, compared with fewer than 150 000 police officers. With crime a continual problem and security a key concern ahead of national elections in May, the launch of ProtectionWeb comes not a moment too soon,” stated Guy Martin, editor of defenceWeb.

“With crime consistently high in South Africa and regional security issues such as illegal immigration, piracy, civil war and terrorism affecting the continent and by extension South Africa, ProtectionWeb aims to improve much-needed coverage of the field and we are confident ProtectionWeb will, like defenceWeb, be the number one source for timely, trustworthy, and useful security-related information,” he added.

ProtectionWeb’s focus audience includes key opinion formers and decision-makers in the private security industry, police, correctional services, military, defence industry, homeland security, Cabinet, officialdom, academia, and the media.

“This is a good day for the security industry, with the launch of a news portal dedicated to keeping security professionals informed and to help make them more productive and successful,” commented Robert Mace, publisher of ProtectionWeb. “For companies, ProtectionWeb provides a visible platform to access South Africa’s security market.”

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