Poynting Antennas show highlights


Poynting Antennas finds tremendous value in exhibiting at trade shows and we usually attend on average approximately 4 international defence and communications shows per year. This year, we are attending a record number of 7 shows in order to increase our exposure to the international market.

These shows are important to gauge opportunities in the various regions and to meet with current and prospective clients. We have found that this sort of exposure cannot really be achieved anywhere else and is vital to creating awareness of our products and brand name. We generate a lot of valuable and qualified leads from attending these shows and this is truly the only marketing medium that allows us face-to-face interaction with people which is very important with the highly technical products that we develop and sell.

We have already thus far been to IDEX in Abu Dhabi in February, IDEF in Turkey and Electronic Warfare (EW) Europe in Germany in May, and Land Forces Africa in South Africa in July. Upcoming shows include: DSEI in London in September, AOC in Washington in the United States in October and we will end off the year with the Milcom show in San Diego, California, United States in November.

The IDEX exhibition in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates was the first time we exhibited in that area of the world. It is one of the few regions where there is still significant spending on military and communications. It was an excellent show and well attended, providing us with a great opportunity to meet with clients and agents from nearby.

The IDEF exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey provided us with a great opportunity to visit existing clients but also to forge new and exciting relationships with Turkish-based clients. We were also able to launch new products to our clients such as our DF-A0047 handheld direction finding antenna which is predominantly designed to serve the test and measurement equipment market. The exhibition clearly highlighted Turkish market potential throughout the region and showed that the Turkish market can offer fantastic opportunities for market growth with existing clients as well as new clients. We found this exhibition to be a very valuable one and certainly worth attending.

The EW Europe Show in Cologne, Germany is an exhibition we attend annually. During the exhibition, we realised that the exhibition was very condensed with all exhibitors or visitors visiting our stand having some interest in electronic warfare (EW) whether it be jamming, direction finding (DF) or spectrum monitoring and ITU (International Telecommunication Union) applications. We were able to form new relationships and we met new individuals as well as existing clients. It allowed us to gauge the EW and ITU market in general in order to pick up on market trends. For example, we were able to speak to some new DF clients which we are very excited about as we are always interested in new clients who provide complete DF solutions. This is certainly an exhibition we will keep returning to in the future.

In South Africa, we supported our local industry and attended the Land Forces Africa exhibition in Pretoria in July. It provided a good opportunity to network with our local industry players as well as some international ones.

Going forward into September, we look forward to exhibiting under the South African pavilion at DSEI 2013 in London, United Kingdom. We have been to this show once before in 2011 as it is held only every two years. The DSEI show is a defence and security exhibition and is the show for land, air, naval and security in the region. DSEI expects about 30,000 visitors to the show which we hope will generate more leads for us.

At the end of the year, we typically attend exhibitions in the United States (US). This year we will be attending the AOC exhibition in Washington DC in October and the Milcom exhibition in San Diego, California on November. This forms part of our efforts to expand our horisons in the US. The AOC is typically an EW exhibition and Milcom is a communications exhibition. We hope this will give us a good base to meet with potential clients for both industries.

We would like to thank the DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) for their continuing support which has allowed us to attend all these shows.

If you would like to meet up with Poynting at an upcoming show, please email us: [email protected]