PMP chief to bow out in stages


South Africa’s Mr Munitions is retiring but in his usual structured way of doing business, Carel Wolhuter’s expertise will remain available to Pretoria Metal Pressings (PMP) for the next nine months.

Wolhuter has been chief executive of the Denel Group division for the past 17 years and has made an invaluable contribution to the Pretoria West-based company’s success, Denel chief executive Riaz Salojee said.
“He built sound relationships with national and international clients as well as championing a turnaround strategy that saw PMP go from an R80 million loss in 2005 to its current profit of about R15 million,” Salojee said.

Current PMP deputy chief executive Phaladi Petje takes over as chief executive on May 1 and will be among the company’s senior personnel on the receiving end of Wolhuter’s skill via a mentoring programme.

Apart from mentoring, Wolhuter has also been tasked with overseeing PMP’s 75th anniversary in October.

It is the oldest business division in the State-owned defence industry conglomerate as it has been producing commercial and military ammunition since 1938.

PMP’s small and medium calibre ammunition ranges conform to military specifications and standards and are all produced in Pretoria. The small arms range goes from 5.56mm to 12.7mm and medium range ammunition is produced in the 20 mm to 35 mm calibre range. High quality percussion caps of all types are another product.

New additions to the PMP product portfolio include 20 mm rounds for use in the Neopup personal area weapon. This is a mobile and powerful medium calibre weapon firing from the shoulder and effective at ranges up to 1 000 metres.

PMP also casts around 80 tons of brass daily at its non-ferrous foundry and rolling plant. A significant portion of this is sold as commercial strip and cup for cartridge case and bullet production with the remainder going into own ammunition production.