Paramount Group recognised as top employer


Paramount Group has for the second consecutive year been given a Top Employer award by the Top Employers Institute, which recognised the company for its commitment to excellence in people practices.

Paramount Group said the recognition comes despite the myriad of challenges faced by employers across the world in the wake of the continued COVID-19 outbreak.

The accolade “exemplifies the company’s commitment to maintaining best practices in offering a host of exceptional employee conditions, including providing opportunities in high-skills training, career and succession management, and leadership development in diverse fields such as engineering, IT, manufacturing, logistics and project management, sales and marketing,” the company said.

Established nearly 30 years ago, the Top Employers Institute promotes and recognises excellence in people practices, helping guide corporations from around the globe while enriching the ‘world of work’ in the process.

Companies that have been certified as Top Employer have accelerated the influence of people strategies and positively impacted the lives of over 7 million employees globally.

David Plink, CEO of the Top Employer’s Institute, stated, “Despite the challenging year we have experienced, Paramount Group has continued to demonstrate the power of putting their people first in the workplace. We are proud to share this year’s announcement and congratulate the organisations who have been certified in their respective countries through the Top Employers Institute programme.”

The Top Employers Institute Certification Programme assesses the people practices of participating companies through an independently audited and fact-based HR Best Practices Survey, which covers six domains and 20 subtopics, across the entire HR spectrum. In order to receive Top Employer Institute Award-certification, companies must go through the Top Employers Institute’s standardised global processes, including a period of validation aligned with international standards, so that all participants are measured against what are considered to be employment hallmarks.

Alison Crooks, CEO of Paramount Industrial Holdings, stated, “The global health crisis brought about by COVID-19 has tested the collective resolve of organizations large and small. However, I’ve never ceased to be amazed by the determination of this company and our employees who comprise its ‘People Power’, making a lasting mark on our industry while creating a positive work environment in the process. Last year, through their efforts, our Group was able to move mountains despite the constraints of the pandemic, swiftly pivoting to produce innovative personal protective equipment (PPE) to support frontline workers in addressing this devastating virus”.

“We owe those achievements and our continued growth here in South Africa and around the world to the creative ingenuity and drive of our formidable employees across the company. Our corporate governance and the ‘people practices’ that we have been commended for were set out to instil what has been a lasting culture and ethos of success in the face of adversity,” Crooks concluded.