Paintball at Denel Lyttelton


“If nobody wants it use it as props to make a memorable paintball event” could be the thinking behind the upcoming first Denel combat tournament.

The state-owned defence industry conglomerate will be turning part of its Lyttelton, Centurion, campus into a paintball battlefield with the carcasses of Puma helicopters, Cheetah jet fighters as well as out of service armoured vehicles and artillery pieces giving probably the best backdrop for a paintball event.
“This is the first time decommissioned military equipment, including aircraft, will be used to simulate battlefield conditions. We see it as adding a new dimension to the sport of paintball,” Vuyelwa Qinga, Denel Group head: corporate communications and public affairs, said ahead of the two day event.

On Friday teams representing the cream of the South African defence industry including Truvelo, Selex, Thales, GAC Laser, Aselsan, Redeployable Camp Systems SA and Armscor will put their combat skills against Denel Group divisions and SA National Defence Force units.

On Saturday the battlefield will be open to the public with paintball professionals and novices all welcome to do the fire and movement drill among real military relics.

Qinga said regular paintball rules apply and further information can be obtained from