Nigeria to locally produce armoured personnel carriers by year-end


The Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria (DICON) is partnering with Proforce Limited to produce armoured personnel carriers (APCs) for the Nigerian military and other security agencies by the end of this year.

DICON on 16 May announced that it had created a joint venture with Nigerian company Proforce earlier in the year to produce armoured vehicles. DICON director Major General Bamidele Ogunkale said the first production vehicles are expected by the end of the year, following previous reports that a prototype vehicle would be ready in September.

Proforce Limited was founded in 2008, specialising in armoured vehicles and personal protection. The company makes armoured tactical vehicles, armoured personnel carriers for military and police, ballistic helmets and vests, armoured cash-in-transit, armoured private and commercial passengers’ vehicles.

Established in 1964, DICON operates an Ordnance Factory in Kaduna, where it makes small arms and ammunition, including assault rifles, machine guns and sub-machine guns. Its Special Vehicle Plant is carrying out the refurbishment and upgrade of Scorpion light tanks, Steyr tracked armoured personnel carriers (APCs) and MOWAG APCs.

DICON was primarily established to produce small arms and ammunition for the Nigerian Army and other security agencies. The Corporation also uses its excess capacity to produce machinery spare parts for industries and other products for civilian use. The company has produced an assault rifle similar to the AK-47 and has also developed 60 and 81 mm mortars.

DICON remains the only legal small arms and light weapons manufacturer in Nigeria.