Nautic Africa expanding production facilities


Nautic Africa has begun construction of a new shipbuilding facility that will enable it to build more and bigger vessels in respond to market demand for commercial vessels.

The new facility will aim to be fully operational by early 2016 and Nautic is already taking orders for vessels to be built in the new facility.

The company said the new environmentally friendly facility would allow more efficient vessel construction. The new shipbuilding facility will operate alongside Nautic’s existing shipyard in the Transnet Port grounds in Cape Town and will accommodate the production of vessels up to 210 ton lightship weight or complete vessels of up to 42 metres.
“Both shipyards will continue to strive for excellent production efficiency by further incorporating ‘lean’ manufacturing processes and by the introduction of an Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system,” Nautic said.
“Located in the heart of Paarden Eiland, the new shipbuilding facility will also give Nautic the opportunity to consolidate its existing administrative activities – including architectural and design services, marketing, procurement and projects and production – all under one roof.”

The new development is in close proximity to the Veecraft facility, which was acquired by Nautic Africa in 2014. By integrating its newly acquired business units, which include Veecraft, Southern Power Products and The Anchor Boat Shop, Nautic’s offering has been expanded to include not only aluminium vessels, but also GRP and steel. The new Nautic facility is built with this in mind.

The opening of the new facility will provide up to 135 new job opportunities and assist in the development of highly sought after and specialised ship building skills, Nautic said.

Environmentally friendly features of the new facility include the use of translucent sheeting to maximize the infiltration of natural light in the facility and a solar photo-voltaic (Solar PV) power plant.