Most South African armoured vehicles using Prestolite power packs


Most armoured vehicle manufacturers in South Africa, from Denel to Paramount, are using Prestolite power packs to generate vehicle electric current, with the company seeing strong growth in the market.

Shelhurst Components is the South African representative of Prestolite, which is a world leader in the manufacture of heavy duty alternators and starter motors, supplying most of the world’s major diesel engine manufacturers.

Prestolite customers in South Africa include Denel, OTT, ICP (Reva) and Paramount and internationally, ST in Singapore and Nimr in the United Arab Emirates.

Ray Sheldrake, Managing Director Shelhurst Components, said there is a burgeoning market in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. “We are a forerunner there.” This is especially significant as those countries are looking to establish their own industries and have majority local content within the next decade.

Prestolite specialises in alternators developing 100-600 amps. Its products are certified to military specifications, with electromagnetic interference testing carried out. They are also ITAR-free.

Sheldrake said there is very little competition in this market segment, with most defence companies using Prestolite alternators.

Shelhurst Components supplies a range of Prestolite power packs for military clients with high ampage demands.

“The dramatic increase in demand for high amp DC electrical power in the modern military arena led Shelhurst to develop a range of Prestolite Power Packs designed and developed to our customer’s specification, that offers MCP (Mission Control Power) with EMC (Electro Magnetic Compliance) and MCR (Mission Critical Redundancy), all essential requirements of the modern fighting vehicle,” according to Prestolite.

The Prestolite power pack is a complete system that consists of alternators, pulleys, mounting kit, poly V belts, tensioners and idlers. Power packs are available in 200, 400 or 600 Amp configuration.

Prestolite has supplied power packs for Cummins QSB 6.7 fitted to the RG31 series of vehicles, for example. Up to three alternators can be fitted to an engine for additional power demands required by accessories like remote weapon platforms etc.

Apart from electrical power packs, Shelhurst also offers prototype development and production.

In addition to defence work, Prestolite operates in the mining and commercial bus markets in South Africa.