More Denel asset auctions coming


An auction of Sheriff-seized Denel assets in Centurion today (Friday, 15 July) is the first with more on the way as trade union Solidarity puts further pressure on the crippled State-owned defence and technology conglomerate.

Sustained pressure by way of legal actions is how the labour organisation has gone about ensuring its members employed by Denel receive full salaries and have various employee benefits, including medical aid, paid. Solidarity resorted to the courts when Denel continuously short and late paid staff as far back as two years ago.

“Seizure and auction of assets is the only option left to us after Denel failed to honour agreements,” Helgard Cronjé, Solidarity Deputy General Secretary for the Public Sector, said.

“Today’s auction covers only a small part of our claim and is merely the first phase. We have seized Denel Corporate’s bank account and more auctions will follow until the full amount is obtained.

“Denel has taken far too much from our members. It is unacceptable for ordinary workers to sacrifice livelihoods because of indecision and negligence by Denel’s sole shareholder – the State. It is intolerable and steps must be taken with the message now clear: If Denel does not want to pay, our members will receive what’s due to them through the seizure and auctioning of Denel assets.”