Missiles, vehicles, countermeasures amongst items exported by SA in 2016


The South African defence industry exported R468 million worth of defence equipment to 66 countries in the third quarter of 2016, including armoured vehicles, missiles, grenade launchers and countermeasures systems.

This is according to the National Conventional Arms Control Committee’s (NCACC’s) third quarter of 2016 (1 July to 30 September) report, which was released during a briefing to the Joint Standing Committee on Defence on 17 February.

Amongst the items it listed exported were five armoured personnel carriers (APCs) and five APC hulls to Singapore worth R19 million (most likely Paramount Marauders), 13 missile launchers to China worth R1.2 million, one missile launcher to the United States worth R674 960, 12 84 mm weapons to China worth R4.8 million, 1 000 rounds of 30 mm ammunition to Norway worth R4.1 million (most likely PMP’s 30×173 mm rounds for Nammo), and 7.62 mm ammunition to Sweden worth R3 785. Tanzania bought 30 40 mm weapons worth R2.1 million along with 3 960 rounds of ammunition worth R1.044 million.

The United Arab Emirates bought a substantial amount of military equipment, including nine APCs worth R88.040 million, 1 770 aircraft bombs worth R59.7 million, 24 360 120 mm mortars worth R266.6 million, and eight defensive aid suites worth R446 000.

While South Africa has traditionally exported large quantities of armoured vehicles, it sold a fair amount of electronic equipment in the third quarter of 2016. This included a transponder to France worth R638 000, 41 integrated defensive aid suites to Italy worth R6.3 million, two jammers to Kenya for R3 million, 20 observation systems to Egypt worth R3.5 million, a ruggedized computer to Malaysia for R8.2 million and software to India for R1.2 million. A total of 27 rangefinders were sold to France, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the UK and Spain for R3.5 million and communications equipment worth R4.8 million was sold to India and China.

According to the NCACC, it approved 720 export permits valued at R468 661 120 for 66 countries in the third quarter of 2016. Regarding import permits, 598 permits were authorised covering 52 countries and were valued at R11 216 476.

For the 2015 calendar year, the NCACC authorised 2 743 export permits to 86 countries valued at R2.739 billion, and 2 249 import permits covering 74 countries worth R502 million.