Milkor to showcase its capabilities at Indo Defence 2022


Milkor will be exhibiting at the upcoming Indo Defence Expo & Forum 2022, where it will showcase its air, land, and sea defence solutions, including its 40 mm grenade launchers.

Indo Defence runs from 2 to 5 November in Jakarta, Indonesia. Products Milkor will be showing at the exhibition will include its flagship Milkor 380 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), Milkor IPC (Inshore Patrol Craft), and wide range of handheld 40 mm grenade launchers.

With regard to the grenade launchers, Milkor said, “these products have already been well received in over 60 countries and are set to make large scale impact in the Asian market.” The company’s premier multiple grenade launcher is the SuperSix that can fire low-velocity and medium-velocity rounds at ranges up to 800 metres. Also to be on display in Jakarta is the MAR (Multiple Anti-Riot), a lighter version of the SuperSix that fires less-than-lethal rounds for anti-riot and crowd control situations.

“The SuperSix is the ideal weapons solution for urban and jungle combat,” Milkor explained. “With its uniquely designed firing system, the SuperSix can fire all six rounds in under three seconds. Considering the rate of fire, a range of 800 metres (medium-velocity rounds) and a lethality radius of five metres, a skilled operator can cover a large area in short period. Utilising various ammunitions such as airburst rounds, and High Explosive Dual purpose (HEDP), one can increase the versatility of the grenade launchers.”

Single shot grenade launchers like Milkor’s Stopper Convertible and UBGL (Under Barrel Grenade Launcher) will be showcased. These grenade launchers can fire less-than-lethal and low-velocity ammunition up to 400 metres. The UBGL can be attached to any rifle using picatinny rails. Milkor offers custom made brackets to suit any rifle requirement: most notably the AK family can utilise the UBGL.

Unmanned aviation

The Milkor 380 medium-altitude, long endurance (MALE) UAV is a sizeable aircraft, with an 18.6 metre wingspan and 35 hour endurance. It can be fitted with a multitude of weapons, such as the new X-series precision guided munition kit from the UAE’s AL TARIQ, HALCON Desert Sting DS-16 lightweight, air-launched precision guided munitions, and Thales Belgium FZ602 rocket launchers.

All avionics, communications, and payload integration capabilities have been developed in-house by Milkor. The aircraft can be fitted with various payloads to perform multiple operations, such as SAR/ISAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar/Inverted Synthetic Aperture Radar), Communications Intelligence (COMINT), AIS (Automatic Identification System), communications relay, and communications jammer. The airframe includes five hardpoints: two on each wing and one at the centre of the fuselage, with the ability to carry larger systems if needed.

At the recent Africa Aerospace and Defence exhibition in Pretoria, the Milkor 380 was fitted with an L3-Harris gimbal system but gimbals of various sizes and weights can be fitted. It was also showcased with an Airborne Technologies SCAR (Self-Contained Aerial Reconnaissance) pod.

Inshore patrol craft

Milkor said its Inshore Patrol Craft (IPC) is designed for stability at speed, and long-endurance and is suited for any navy, coast guard or military. The innovative catamaran hull design allows for high speed and low fuel usage. The IPC is fitted with a galley and quarters for crew, allowing for a team of four to stay on patrol for five days.

The IPC can be configured for different missions, including surveillance, anti-ship combat and combat patrol. Weapons options for the IPC include a RCWS (Remote Controlled Weapon Station), fitted with a 12.7 mm, a 20 mm cannon or 40 mm AGL (Automatic Grenade Launcher). The IPC can also be fitted with torpedoes and various weapon stations. “The IPC is the ideal offering to the Asian market, with their vast array of islands and endless sea borders. The IPC provides end-users with the equipment needed to monitor these waterways effectively and efficiently,” Milkor stated.

“With growing markets for defence solutions in the Southeast Asian region, Milkor will not only showcase its products, but will also engage with the public and private sectors regarding their defence needs,” the company said of Indo Defence 2022. “Exhibiting at this event is part and parcel of Milkor’s strategy to remain a major global defence supplier.”

Milkor’s growing international presence includes offices in India, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. It has taken part in all the big international defence trade shows, including DefExpo in India, Defence Services Asia in Malaysia, Defence and Security in Thailand, and Africa Aerospace and Defence in South Africa.

Indo Defence expects 30 000 visitors from 33 countries and over 800 companies from 61 countries to attend this year’s event.