Milkor showcasing its products at DSEI 2023 as it continues its European expansion


Having just established a new office in Poland, Milkor is further cementing its position in the European market by taking part in the 24th edition of the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) exhibition in the United Kingdom this week.

“We are firmly committed to establishing ourselves as one of the prime defence solutions contractors in Europe,” said CEO of Milkor Polska, Juandré de Bruyn. “Milkor exhibiting at MSPO in Poland earlier this month opened the doors for collaboration between multiple end users and we will continue to showcase our capabilities across all domains to more European decision makers at this year’s edition of DSEI in London.”

Milkor Polska was established in Warsaw earlier this year, and kicked off operations by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Germany’s AeroData AG to bring airborne maritime surveillance into the unmanned domain.

DSEI, which takes place from 12 to 15 September at Excel, London, is one of the world’s largest defence trade shows, with over 2 000 exhibitors taking part this year. The exhibition has five key sector-focused zones: Aerospace, Land, Naval, Security & Joint, all displaying the latest equipment and systems. Milkor believes it fits very well into this theme with the company’s diversified offerings across those domains.

“Milkor’s participation at DSEI 2023 also underscores the global significance of the defence industry’s role in providing modern defence capabilities and solutions to end users that will enhance their operational capabilities. Specialising in multiple domains, Milkor aims to deliver their solutions and provide the required integration capabilities to allow for seamless communication with existing systems,” the company said, adding that its offerings and contributions will be closely watched, as they play a role in shaping the future of defence technologies and cooperation in Europe.

“Anticipating an increase in defence procurement across many European countries, we look forward to collaborate with end users and plan to export our products to the entire NATO alliance, thus contributing to Europe’s expansion in the realm of defence capabilities,” de Bruyn said of Milkor’s expansion.

Milkor’s stand at DSEI will feature the company’s flagship Milkor 380, the largest unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) produced on the African continent. The medium altitude long endurance (MALE) aircraft has a wingspan of 18.6 metres and a maximum take-off weight of 1 300 kg. It can be configured for both defence and surveillance requirements.

\Among other products, Milkor will also showcase its IPC (Inshore Patrol Craft) and 4X4 APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier). The IPC, produced in the United Arab Emirates, is a high-speed patrol vessel dedicated to long endurance patrol operations, ideally suited for navies and coast guards. Thanks to a hydrofoil-supported hull, this vessel boasts an impressive top speed of 50 knots with amenities catering for extended operations of up to five days.

The Milkor 4X4 is features NATO STANAG Level 3 blast protection and STANAG Level 2 ballistic protection. Milkor said it is suited for multiple end users in the defence and security domain and can be configured as a rapid troop deployment, border patrol, field ambulance or riot control vehicle.

At DSEI 2023, Milkor will be exhibiting at stand H3-560 at the Excel Exhibition Centre.