Mavtech unveils new tyre inflation products


Mavtech Technologies, as specialists in central tyre inflation systems (CTIS), continue to expand their tyre inflation product lineup and have developed several new products.

Mavtech Technologies recently launched its own Tyre Pressure Control system. The company explained that its systems have over the past few years successfully completed five separate Middle East summer trial evaluations and continue to evolve.

New products were displayed at the recent Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) 2022 exhibition in Pretoria and included a Tyre Pressure Adjusting System (TPA). This basic manual system is able to control tyre pressures by axles groups, and can be used on Unimog, G Wagon and Land Cruiser vehicles.

Another new product is Mavtech’s Run Flat Insert Identification & Location System (RFI ID). This dormant RF tag technology is powered on demand by a handheld device and used to confirm the presence of an RFI tag within a fitted tyre, making logistics and maintenance a much simpler affair.

Also on display was the Myxsa tyre protection solution. Mavtech developed a re-usable rubber component to protect vehicle tyres from sidewall damage caused by projectiles or shrapnel.

During AAD 2022 Mavtech also highlighted recent acquisitions as it continues to grow the company. The acquisition of Custom Part Solutions has ensured Mavtech Technologies now has the capacity to design and produce any Polymer based components in house, guaranteeing the supply of quality items that were previously outsourced.

Custom Part Solutions specialises in control element enclosures, gaskets, precision seals, wheel arch spats, battery terminal covers, O rings, vehicle ballistic protection solutions, and anti-puncture solutions for tyre side walls, amongst others.

The company was acquired by Mavtech in 2020 and is now firmly established within Mavtech Technologies, allowing it to design, prototype, develop and produce components in-house.

Established in 2018, Custom Part Solutions supplied customised components to military, agriculture, mining, electronic and electrical as well as earthmoving sectors and industries.

In explaining the acquisitions, Mavtech said especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, it has had to grapple with many issues such as dysfunctional supply chains, which included difficult imports and unacceptable delivery delays from traditional suppliers.

As part of efforts to secure its supply chain, Mavtech also recently acquired Capricorn Trading Alliance, which specialises in the sourcing and distribution of control equipment and industrial related components.