Mavtech acquires two key suppliers


Tyre pressure, automation and driveline control specialist Mavtech has acquired two of its former suppliers as it secures its supply chain amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing economic uncertainty, ensuring it is well positioned to support customers and deliver on contracts.

The first supplier to be acquired is Capricorn Trading Alliance. Established in 2008, Capricorn Trading Alliance specialises in the sourcing and distribution of control equipment and industrial related components to industries such as but not limited to, packaging, industrial, automotive, mining and agriculture. The company is a one-stop distributor for pneumatic, hydraulic, industrial and electrical components.

“Capricorn Trading Alliance’s direct association with a leading European logistics company with access to pneumatic, industrial and hydraulic components enables us to provide South Africa’s control industry with a range of over 300 000 quality products,” Mavtech said. “This acquisition now allows us to ensure business continuity and to ensure that we are able to supply our partners with quality products on a continues basis.”

The second acquisition has been the company formerly known as Custom Parts Solutions which now forms part of Capricorn Trading Alliance. This acquisition now allows Mavtech to manufacture in-house the critical Polymer and specialized components it designs and uses in its products. Customised components include seals, shaft boots, vehicle wheel arch spats, battery terminal covers, and CTIS dust covers, to mention a few.

Established in 2018, Custom Part Solutions supplied customised components to military, agriculture, mining, electronic and electrical as well as earthmoving sectors and industries.

“We are now able to offer a full service stack for any component requirement as part of our process and service which ranges from computer-aided design (CAD) to production,” Mavtech said.

In explaining the acquisitions, Mavtech said especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, it has had to grapple with many issues such as dysfunctional supply chains, which included difficult imports and unacceptable delivery delays from traditional suppliers.

The acquisition of Capricorn Trading Alliance and Custom Parts Solutions “now guarantees our continued production capacity and the supply of systems and components to our customers. The Mavtech Group’s motto of being a reliable single source Solution House can now be confirmed.”

Mavtech Technologies was established in 1995 to offer vehicle control solutions to the South African vehicle manufacturing industry. It has built up well over two decades of experience supporting various Central Tyre Inflation Systems (CTIS) and recently launched its own Tyre Pressure Control system. It has supported tyre pressure control systems on more than half a dozen vehicles, including the DCD Protected Mobility Husky and Denel Land Systems G6.

The company has over the years designed, developed and supplied a long list of Vehicle Auxiliary Control Systems tailored to customers’ requests. These systems range from basic features such as air horns and steering wheel height adjustment locks to more complex Vehicle Drive Line Control Systems which include intelligent safety interlocking features. These features have been installed on a wide range of South African designed vehicles destined for the international market.

Door access control solutions are another specialty. Mavtech offers both pneumatic and hydraulic solutions, as per the requirement. Typically, the hydraulic option caters for heavy rear door ramp-hatch controls. Pneumatic solutions are available for swing door requirements. Blast and landmine locking features can be incorporated as an additional feature.

Mavtech also operates in the Cash In Transit (CIT) industry, designing asset protection system components, and also offer solutions to the commercial automotive industry in the form of various safety interlocking systems.