LS telcom South Africa leading the way in spectrum management excellence


All spheres of the world we inhabit today are networked to a very high degree. This applies to industry, transportation, communication, mining, energy and water, healthcare, defence and security, and many more.

Companies like LS telcom South Africa (LSofSA) ensure that these networks are optimally installed and maintained through integrated spectrum management systems.

LSofSA outlines its service offering as: “a company with an excellent international reputation in the whole area of spectrum economy, i.e. frequency spectrum management and control, radio monitoring as well as radio network engineering and the related professional services.”

Established in 1999, LS of South Africa is part of the listed LS telcom group of companies that operates worldwide. The parent company headquartered in Lichtenau, Germany has subsidiaries and affiliates in Australia, Canada, France, Hungary, India, South Africa, the UAE, UK, and USA. In addition, it has representations and support offices in Argentina, Malaysia and Oman.

Network operators, infrastructure providers, system integrators, and regulatory authorities, as well as the military in more than 100 countries rely on LS telcom for solutions and services.

According to Hennie Venter, director of military spectrum strategies at LS telcom, the company has a turnkey capability and offers bespoke engineering solutions.

In the area of defence, LS telcom offers a number of solutions for electromagnetic spectrum operations, including spectrum management and planning; spectrum surveillance, direction finding and geolocation; radio network and mission planning; Electronic Support Measures (ESM); Signal Intelligence (SIGINT); and Electronic Counter Measures (ECM).

Among others, its products include mySPECTRA for Defence for frequency management, spectrum management, electronic warfare, network, and mission planning.

The company’s LS Observer enables the interception, measurement, geolocation, direction finding (DF) and storage of all the collected spectrum data. This is for real-, near real- or post-event data analysis and processing, such as data mining and data comparison.

According to Venter, the company specialises in integrating software and hardware to deliver comprehensive electronic warfare operation centres (EWOC), electronic support measures (ESM), and electronic countermeasures (ECM) solutions across multiple platforms, including armoured vehicles, naval units, aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, and transportable shelters.

“There are many areas in which we can support the defence and security establishment with existing products that have been tested and implemented in many countries,” he concluded. “LS telcom is your trusted partner to manage, observe, and defend your spectrum, enabling your electromagnetic dominance.”

More detail on LSofSA’s defence and security portfolio can be find in this brochure.