Lockheed Martin boosts IT defence


In this World Wide Wrap: Lockheed Martin boosts IT defence, South Korean royalties for US defence tech, and IP radios for Irish defence.

Lockheed Martin boosts IT defence

Defence contractor Lockheed Martin has acquired RLM Systems, an Australian-based provider of systems engineering, software development, and programme management products, reports Global Services.

The transaction will add more than 100 employees to the defence contractor`s Australian operations, which will do business as Lockheed Martin Australia Information Systems and Global Services.

RLM Systems provides a range of IT services to the military, government and private sectors, including custom application development, systems integration, and data and communications security assessment.

South Korean royalties for US defence tech

South Korea has secured royalties for the intellectual property rights on a computerised military communication system from the US, reports YONHAP News.

Officials say this will set a precedent for South Korea to receive arms-related compensation from the US government. After two years of negotiations, the US will pay $2.37 million in royalties for the system.

South Korea invested $7.27 million in 2002 to develop its own communication software for the multiple launch rocket system imported from the US.

IP radios for Irish defence

Harris Corporation, an international communications and IT company, has received contracts valued at $3 million from the Irish Defence Forces for Falcon II tactical communications systems, reports TMCNet.

The Harris Falcon II radios are already widely used by the Irish Defence Forces for peacekeeping missions around the world. Under the terms of the contracts, Harris will provide its high frequency radios and accessories.

The IP networking capabilities of the radios allow reliable, long-range voice and data communication under demanding conditions.