Less Lethal Africa releases rubber round for grenade launcher


Less Lethal Africa, the producer of rubber bullets and other less lethal equipment, has launched a prototype of a 40 mm grenade that can be fired from a grenade launcher.

To enhance the crowd control effect of the rubber grenade launcher round, tear gas or a pepper compound can be released from the back of the shell on impact. The 40 mm rubber rounds have a range of 50 m, but like other such rounds should not be fired at a distance closer than 20 m due to the risk of severe energy.

At the Defence and Security Exhibition International (DSEI) in London last week, the company also launched breaching rounds containing water for use in twelve gauge shotguns. This is designed for such uses as forcing out locks from doors. The company reports interest in this product from the UK Ministry of Defence and London’s Metropolitan Police Service.

In other show developments, Less Lethal reports interest in its products from Hungary and Turkey, two countries who could be anticipating public order problems because of the surge of refugees from the Syrian war.

The company also says that with demand strong for its rubber bullets in the Middle East and Far East, it plans to open a manufacturing plant in the United Arab Emirates.