Laser sharp Al Tariq proves its accuracy


The partnership between Denel Dynamics and Abu Dhabi-based Tawazun Holdings looks set for greater heights following the successful execution of a difficult mission profile by the Al Tariq precision-guided munition.

It demonstrated superior accuracy against a laser designated target in a flight test evaluation. The test evaluated the weapon’s capability to dynamically determine its own flight path according to set launch and pre-programmed terminal phase conditions.

The missile was launched off-track of target and was instructed to fly into the target arena from a different direction during its terminal phase.
“This implies the missile had to perform a dog-leg manoeuvre and the flight path had to be calculated dynamically ‘on the fly’,” said Al Tariq programme manager Coenie Loock.

Despite the level of difficulty intentionally selected to give Al Tariq a thorough test, the weapon completed its mid-course guidance successfully and during terminal phase had a direct hit on the designated target with the miss distance at less than half a metre.

Al Tariq has a number of range options, from 40 km for the standard version to 100 km for the long-range version. The demonstrated accuracy is independent of the range variant. The weapon can also be pre-programmed to engage targets from specific directions and at different dive angles.

A model of the Al Tariq weapon is currently on show at the Tawazun Dynamics stand at the LAAD 2013 defence exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
“This is a great result for Denel Dynamics and reflects the success of the joint venture announcement last September with Abu Dhabi-based, Tawazun Holdings, for the development, manufacturing, assembly and integration of precision-guided weapon systems in Tawazun Dynamics, opening up an international gateway to potential new opportunities.
“Geographically, this is the first deal of its kind for Denel where the partnership is located outside South Africa creating an international footprint,” the South African company in the State-owned Denel group said in a statement.