Italian firearms and tactics specialist chooses SA made firearm laser training system


Cape Town-based electronics design and manufacturing company Jacstech will supply a complete firearm laser training system to Italian firearms and tactics specialist SIRT.

Jacstech’s Jorgen Neilson said in a statement the Gordon’s Bay company, manufacturer of Keiron prosumer laser targets and Keiron PRO laser target systems, was excited to work with “acknowledged training experts” at the Perugia SIRT facility.

Of the Keiron PRO system, he said its flexibility allows it to adapt to virtually any training scenario. “With state of the art programmes and a base of highly experienced instructors, feedback from the SIRT academy will inevitably lead to further product innovation in the Keiron PRO system and products.”

The system is an “advanced one”, the statement has SIRT Academy Chief Executive, known as “Instructor Zero”, saying, with a computer timer able to track every shot on every target as well as precise timing, split and transition times.  He adds: “It is quick to configure the range for a specific training need”.

The system supplied to the Italian specialist operation allows for dynamic firearm and tactical training to be done safely, using laser equipped training firearms. In addition to conventional training, the system allows for low-light training with targets that respond to the training firearm’s green lasers but block infrared aiming lasers and infrared illuminators used for low light vision.

Keiron PRO systems are used daily around the world for training law enforcement, competitive shooters, security firms and private citizens, Neilson said. In the United States (US) Keiron PRO systems are used by federal and local law enforcement agencies. Other countries using Keiron PRO are in Europe, the Middle East as well as New Zealand.

Jacstech is the South African representative for SIRT as well as CoolFire laser training firearms and recoil systems.