Indonesia looking at Denel expertise


Indonesia recognises Denel’s abilities and capabilities, with a high-level delegation from the country of over 17 000 islands and 300 ethnic groups looking at the South African defence and technology conglomerate vis-a-vis its defence industry mastery roadmap.

This outcome was posted on social media after a visit earlier this year in line with Indonesia’s three phase plan for its defence industry. The phases are mastery of design, technology mastery and new development spread over a 14 year period finishing in 2024. The roadmap includes propellants, rockets, missiles, medium tanks, radar, submarines, combat aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The visit saw senior personnel from the Indonesian Embassy in South Africa, led by Ambassador Salman Al Farisi and including the defence attaché, visit Denel facilities including Denel Aeronautics, where the delegation was briefed on the Rooivalk attack helicopter.

In addition to the rotary-wing facility, the Indonesian delegation was given an insight into Denel air defence and UAV capabilities.

The meeting, according to a defence blog, was to discuss potential co-operation in air defence as well as technology transfer and capacity building for military personnel.