Imperial Armour showcasing exclusive anti-stab vest


Imperial Armour is proud to offer our new anti-stab and anti-spike vest in South Africa, having been given exclusive rights to this material in Africa.

The Anti-Stab and Anti-Spike armour is lightweight and worn in conjunction with any other protective clothing.

The stab and spike-resistant vest is comprised of crosslinked metal flakes capable of stopping knives, needles and spikes. The anti-stab panel is only 5 mm thick and can stop the force of a knife at 50 joules.

The vest offers protection up to KRII (weighing only 1.6 kg) and KRIII (knife resistance levels II and III) – weighing 3 kg. The vest can be cut to size and used in conjunction with ballistic armour to increase the protection level to NIJ Level IIIA and KRII.

The vest is best suited to dealing with street crime and is also aimed at correctional services, where the greatest threat to warders comes from knives, spikes and needles.

The stab-resistant vest adds to Imperial Armour’s ever-growing product range – it is the company’s second new product this year – an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) suit was launched at the IDEX exhibition in Abu Dhabi in February.

Imperial Armour specialises in personal protection equipment, with ranges covering all fields where protection is required, including fire and rescue, riot control, VIP protection, de-mining etc. Since formation in 2000, the company has exported to over 75 countries.

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