Hensoldt unveils new SA-developed interactive signal analysis software


Hensoldt used the Association of Old Crows (AOC) Europe conference and exhibition last week in Bonn, Germany, as an opportunity to launch its new SAS2000S Signal Savant signal analysis software, which was fully developed in South Africa by the company’s GEW business unit.

The SAS2000S is a standalone software solution that uses intuitive visual interfaces, allowing electronic warfare (EW) users the ability to analyse signals across the HF, V/UHF, and SHF bands whilst automatically processing these signals.

Hensoldt said the AOC conference provided “an ideal platform for Hensoldt to demonstrate its extensive experience in electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO) and showcase the latest in signal intelligence technology to the industry.”

“The SAS2000S Signal Savant offers a powerful combination of interactive and semi-automatic capabilities for signal analysis, classification, and decoding, using the latest technology in AI and building on a large base of core classification and decoder processing modules. It features advanced transmission codes for new-generation signals, allowing users to evaluate the latest single- and multi-signal scenarios effortlessly,” Hensoldt said.

“By reviewing current and past results, users gain a detailed understanding of the signal environment, allowing for the export of new signals into the decoder development toolkit or importing new decoders for customised processing.”

The SAS2000S is sensor and platform agnostic. Hensoldt’s collection of classic and modern decoder libraries are supported with periodic updates. The SAS2000S grants users the flexibility to customise spectrum and decoder development through the optional DecoderLab, empowering them to build and personalise their own decoders.

“The SAS2000S Signal Savant allows users to deep dive into the modern signal taxonomy and provide tools to process these fast-evolving signals,” said Wimpie van den berg, Land EW product portfolio executive at HENSOLDT.

“Signal intelligence (SIGINT) is a vital window into foreign adversaries’ capabilities, actions, and intentions and is an increasingly crucial component in intelligence operations. The SAS2000S represents a significant leap forward in communication signal analysis, classification, and decoding, using the latest technology in AI”, he added.

GEW, part of Hensoldt South Africa, is one of the leading players in the spectrum dominance industry in South Africa, having been active in the COMINT (communications intelligence) field since the 1960s. The company develops and manufactures strategic, semi-mobile and tactical systems, as well as airborne and ship-mounted systems, some of which include sophisticated electronic attack capability in addition to search, direction-finding and basic jamming capability. GEW’s signal intelligence and spectrum monitoring systems have been sold and are in operation in more than 30 countries worldwide, including with the South African Air Force, Army and Navy, and the spectrum regulatory body ICASA.

A more recent development has been jamming systems to protect fixed targets, convoys, individual vehicles and foot patrols (manpack system) against remotely controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs), such as the roadside bombs encountered in Afghanistan and Iraq. GEW recently launched two new jammers: the GRJ8500 and GRJ6000 jammers covering the V/U/SHF and HF frequencies. The two new jammers join the existing GMJ9 multirole jammer, and GMJ900 and GMJ9000 man-portable multirole jammers.

GEW is also active in the fields of airspace surveillance and security systems, particularly perimeter and border fencing systems with integrated alerting systems to localise a breach. Such systems have been successfully used to counter wildlife poaching, amongst others.

Hensoldt South Africa/GEW is increasing its involvement in the radar, data link, identification friend or foe (IFF), customer services and business development fields, among many others, and this has been helped by the recent acquisition of Tellumat’s air traffic management and defence business units, which now form part of the company’s new Radar Business Unit. This offers 3D radar, synthetic aperture radar, radar for counter-UAV operations and passive radar. One of the biggest radar projects in South Africa in recent years is Hensoldt South Africa’s Quadome dual-mode, three-dimensional (3D), multi-mission naval radar for air and surface surveillance as well as target acquisition.

With more than 800 South African employees across five sites, Hensoldt South Africa is the Group’s largest industrial base outside of Europe and one of the largest defence and security electronics companies in South Africa. Hensoldt South Africa has a portfolio of more than sixty products and solutions, operational in more than 40 countries.