Hensoldt South Africa’s presence at IDEX 2023 highlights importance of Middle Eastern market


Hensoldt South Africa is presenting an extensive portfolio of products at the IDEX 2023 exhibition in Abu Dhabi as it continues to focus on the strategic Middle Eastern market.

More than 60 000 visitors are expected at the 30th edition of IDEX, which runs from 20 to 24 February and is the largest defence and security exhibition in the region.

Hensoldt South Africa said that while it exports its solutions to more than 45 countries across the world, the Middle East is considered a strategic market for South Africa, especially in the defence and security sector. As such, Hensoldt is participating in IDEX alongside over a dozen other South African companies that operate in the defence industry.

On the airborne solutions side, Hensoldt South Africa is showcasing its new lightweight ARGOS-8 compact electro-optical system, and ASTUS unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Based on the international sales success of the ARGOS-II and with a view of entering the smaller and lighter unmanned aerial vehicle market, the ARGOS-8 was launched at Africa Aerospace and Defence in 2022. The ARGOS-8 (with an 8-inch gimbal), weighs 6 kg and is equipped with laser designator and range-finder capability.

“ARGOS-8 is not only offered as a stand-alone EOS (electro-optical system) but is also integrated onto the ASTUS unmanned aerial system, with production deliveries scheduled for 2023,” said Deon Olivier, Chief Executive of Hensoldt South Africa Optronics.

As part of its land-based electronic warfare (EW) and spectrum dominance business, Hensoldt South Africa is showcasing its newest radar electronic support system, the GEW RES9000. The RES9000 is part of the company’s extensive tactical electronic warfare portfolio, where collected information on surface-based and airborne radars can now be fused with intercepted electronic communications information, providing a collated and concise overview of the electronic order-of-battle (EOB).

Recently introduced to counter what Hensoldt says are the new and emerging signals that have reshaped the electronic battlefield, the GEW GRJ series of high-performance communications electronic attack (jamming) solutions are also being featured at IDEX.

“Unrivalled in its ability to suppress modern HF, V/UHF and SHF communications, the GRJ jammers feature the most advanced signal attack methods on the market,” said Christo Fouché, Chief Executive Sales and Marketing of Hensoldt SA’s spectrum dominance business.

Launched for naval applications in 2021 and for land deployment in 2022, Quadome is a dual-mode, multi-mission surveillance radar for air- and surface-surveillance. “Quadome is designed to maximise system performance with the latest technology, while minimising acquisition and life-cycle costs,” said Bennie Langenhoven, Chief Executive of Hensoldt SA Radar.

“Hensoldt South Africa builds on a strong relationship of almost two decades with customers in the Middle East. Major deliveries spanning two decades resulted in the establishment of various in-country commercial and support offices across the region, providing a platform for Hensoldt SA to expand in the region as a reputable partner for defence and security solutions,” the company said.

“Hensoldt SA has put into service numerous signal intelligence and electronic warfare solutions for defence customers throughout the region and is notably a strategic partner to the Saudi Arabian telecommunications regulatory authority since 2019 for the implementation of nationwide spectrum management and monitoring solutions. Hensoldt SA has also collaborated with key partners on the delivery of airborne electro-optical systems in Saudi Arabia since 2016, and going forward, Hensoldt’s local presence will serve as a vehicle towards future partnerships on these technologies.”

“As the Middle East is rapidly advancing its self-reliance, localisation and technological readiness across its defence industry, Hensoldt South Africa welcomes the opportunity to further grow in this key market, while supporting the long-term vision of the country in which it operates,” said Rynier van der Watt, Managing Director of Hensoldt South Africa.