Hensoldt South Africa welcomes bursary students


After launching a bursary programme at the end of 2022 to build its workforce pipeline, Hensoldt South Africa has awarded bursaries to 12 students from various universities, including Stellenbosch, the University of Pretoria, the University of Johannesburg and North-West University.

These undergraduate students were selected based on strict criteria, including having passed their first year of studies and demonstrated exceptional academic records, the company said in a statement.

This year’s bursary intake was the largest in Hensoldt SA’s history, with various engineering disciplines identified as skills shortages. The major disciplines included computer engineering, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and software development.

Earlier in March, Hensoldt welcomed these 12 bursars in a meet and greet event where the company showcased its innovation and capabilities. The event was hosted on the company’s Irene campus, with capabilities from all three business units showcased to the students. The event marked the beginning of the bursary programme, and the students were encouraged to start the programme with the values of collaboration and team spirit in line with Hensoldt’s company culture.

The students will be involved in vacation work while they are completing their studies and will join Hensoldt’s workforce upon completion of their studies.

“The bursary programme is an excellent initiative aimed at developing and retaining skilled engineers in South Africa. It’s a positive step towards building a workforce pipeline that is essential for the continued growth of the country’s economy,” Hensoldt South Africa said.

“To make the difference for a safer tomorrow, we need to invest in tomorrow’s minds today,” said Marina Francis, Hensoldt SA Human Resources Executive. “Hensoldt is committed to nurture and develop local talent by investing in the future of young, deserving students. Such initiatives go a long way in addressing the skills shortage challenge in the engineering sector, and we hope to see more companies follow suit.”

After the event, one student expressed his excitement: “For me it’s more than just a bursary opportunity, it’s a life changer, a lifetime opportunity and a dream come true. Behold, as we detect to protect the planet and its inhabitants.”

Cymondi Stassen, responsible for the recruitment of the bursars adds that “It was exciting to meet the future experts and leaders of our company and to introduce them to the company that they will help to build.”