GEW Technologies launches multi-role wideband direction finder operating from 1 MHZ to 6000 MHZ


GEW Technologies, the South Africa-based Cassidian company who are experts in innovative communications intelligence and security applications, will be launching the MRD7 Manpack Direction Finder at the Eurosatory 2012 show in Paris.

Modern asymmetric warfare demands equipment adaptable to rapid deployment troops in order to empower them for such missions. Electronic Warfare has long since been known as a ‘force multiplier’ and the new MRD7 is an example of just this. In a combat scenario, for instance, it would be used by front-line forces to provide real-time information to the battlefield commander on threats detected on the communications bands, along with the location of these emitters. This information would be critical in assessing the enemy order of battle, as well as in directing own forces in order to gain tactical advantage.

The MRD7 is an exciting new addition to GEW’s extensive range of electronic warfare products. This model has been specifically designed for man-portable and mobile applications where size and weight are critical factors. The MRD7 direction finder provides an extremely wide frequency range of 1 MHz to 6000 MHz, and is a compact, cost-effective and complete solution for full-band direction finding and monitoring purposes. It can successfully be used against modern communications threats such as GSM and TETRA signals.

An important feature of this model is its ability to concurrently monitor signals while performing direction finding. The MRD7 is specifically designed for peacekeeping and low-intensity conflict scenarios.

The MRD7 has been designed for mounted and dismounted deployment in the following operating environments:

  • Man on the move – in this mode the equipment is carried on the operator’s back and operated via tablet or notebook whilst moving. In this mode the frequency band is 20 MHz to 6000 MHz.
  • Man-portable – the equipment is carried to an area and deployed. Full band operations are available with the addition of the HF antenna segment.
  • Mobile – the MRD7 is used with a suitable antenna which may be mounted onto vehicles for mobile operations.
    “We have noticed the nature of conflict changing to asymmetric warfare and in order to keep abreast of these changes, we have developed the MRD7 to meet client expectations in this environment”.
    “We foresee great interest in this equipment,” says Mr Carel van der Merwe, Chief Executive Officer of GEW Technologies.

    The MRD7 has been designed to operate either in stand-alone mode, or integrated with other MRD7 equipment or even integrated with Tactical Operations Centres. This enables the user to configure a more complete Electronic Warfare solution that includes DF/monitoring and electronic attack.

    The MRD7 has the following key features:

  • Frequency range of 1 MHz to 6000 MHz
  • Wide Instantaneous bandwidth
  • Simultaneous monitoring and direction finding
  • Manpack, man-portable, or mobile deployment
  • Fixed frequency and hopper detection modes
  • GSM and TETRA modes
  • Emitter location via networked triangulation
  • Integrated GPS and compass
  • 8 hours minimum battery-powered operation
  • Extensive user interface on tablet/notebook:
    o Wideband spectral views
    o Frequency-of-Interest list scanning
    o Integrated map functions
    o Spectrum recording and playback
    o Audio and IF recording and playback
    o TCP/IP based application interfaces

    About GEW Technologies

    GEW Technologies (PTY) LTD, (previously known as Grintek Ewation), a Cassidian company, is a system engineering organization with more than 40 years of market experience in the design and production of sophisticated applications for communication monitoring, direction finding, communication countermeasures, spectrum management and perimeter security.

    GEW Technologies is internationally recognised as a leading supplier of comprehensive Electronic Warfare solutions.

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