Gerotek adding value to road safety and the economy


Armscor’s Gerotek test facility west of Pretoria has the strategic role of supporting both its owner and the Department of Defence (DoD) as far as test and evaluation of products and systems is concerned.

It also, according to the defence and security acquisition agency, “further complements funding requirements” by offering services and facilities to the wider automotive industry, local, continental and international.

These as listed in the latest Armscor annual report as including advanced defensive driver training, corporate events, restaurant, conference facilities and track facilities to maximise the utilisation of the world-class facility and increase growth opportunities.

Among 11 highlights achieved at Gerotek during the 2017/18 financial year are testing of vehicles and components for local defence manufacturers including Denel’s Africa Truck as well as testing of commercial passenger vehicles, trucks, agricultural and mining vehicles. Testing was done on specialist tracks at Gerotek as well as public roads.

As part of its stated objective of sweating assets Armscor has indicated the Gerotek facility, situated between Pretoria and Hartbeespoort Dam, offers “unique opportunities” for scientific testing as well as complementing successful product promotion and launch programmes. The report notes the facility “contributes strategically to road safety and the economy”. This is achieved by ensuring vehicles and other products are tested to conform to required standards and drivers are better equipped to deal with daily road challenges.