Fulcrum optimises SAAB Grintek Technologies, Aviation Systems Division project management processes


Fulcrum Business Solutions has implemented its EPM in a Box solution at SAAB Grintek Technologies, Aviation Systems Division to enable its project management department to better manage project resources and costs.Fulcrum Business Solutions has implemented its EPM in a Box solution at SAAB Grintek Technologies (Pty) Ltd, Aviation Systems Division to enable the organisation`s project management department to better manage project resources and costs. Fulcrum also trained and mentored the Aviation Systems Division staff in the principles of project management and in the optimal use of their Microsoft Project (MSP) applications.

Developed by Fulcrum, EPM in a Box is a packaged enterprise project management (EPM) solution, based on Microsoft`s EPM software suite. It is designed to meet generic organisational project management requirements and is pre-configured with standard project management processes and best practices to provide customers with faster project launch times, lower costs and greater control.

Aviation Systems Division is a contractor and supplier of electronics and navigational related products and services to the Air Traffic Management and Airport Systems, defence and commercial markets in South Africa and selected international markets.

Adeline Cruywagen, project manager at Fulcrum Business Solutions, notes that the company was already adept at running multiple projects simultaneously using MSP. Nonetheless, the project management team knew they could improve the visibility into projects, thereby obtaining the most value from its skills base as well as improving its financial controls.

"Being able to accurately track the income and costs of each project was important for the Aviation Systems Division as the company would then be able to ensure that projects were always on track and within budget," says Cruywagen.

"Many of the company`s projects are customer-driven and by accurate costing Aviation Systems Division could be sure it would not run at a loss – something some project managers only discover once a project is completed."

EPM in a Box allows organisations to improve on their project delivery by ensuring all project management is centralised and run according to international best practices. As such, it provides Aviation Systems Division staff with a stable foundation on which to build and run their projects with confidence.

"The project management staff were well versed in the use of MSP, but they were also aware that the product could provide additional functionality they were not using," adds Cruywagen. "The training and mentoring provided by Fulcrum would allow them to use the full functionality of Microsoft`s tools and have any questions that may arise answered by an expert. Fulcrum believes that following classroom training with personal mentoring for employees as they go about their daily tasks is key to ensuring students understand and remember what they have learned."

The EPM in a Box implementation was started in October 2005 and the training commenced in November. Aviation Systems Division now has an in-house administrator able to handle MSP administration tasks, while Fulcrum experts are available as backup should higher level queries occur. The mentoring process is also under way. Currently Fulcrum`s mentoring is available to individuals on an ad hoc basis as and when they need help with specific issues.

All projects Aviation Systems Division undertakes will now be run according to set standards, affording the organisation full visibility into every project, from broad, enterprise-level insight through to specific, executive-level information. EPM in a Box has made it possible to track projects and their costs more accurately, which assists the company in better planning and cost management.