FLIR Systems pushes its Africa business


FLIR Systems, which produces imaging systems for surveillance and targeting, says its sales to African countries are robust. Most of the company’s sales to African countries are for border security.

The company intends to exhibit at African Aerospace and Defence (AAD) 2016 in mid-September as part of an effort to push its African business. FLIR exhibited at the Marrakech Airshow in Morocco two years ago, and was at Huntex in SA last year.

The company’s top three African customers are Algeria, Egypt and Nigeria. Andrew Saxton, Director of Marketing, Surveillance and Outdoor Vision, said border security systems have sold particularly well to countries in North Africa. SA is not among its larger markets in Africa as the company faces strong local competition from Cassidian.

Saxton says the company’s Ranger HRC, a portable long range thermal imaging surveillance system, has been in strong demand in African countries for border security. It is relatively compact and can be set up as part of a long range surveillance network. The company also offers a mobile surveillance system on a small all-terrain vehicle. The Cerberus Light Tactical Vehicle uses radar as well as electro-optical and thermal imaging systems and can be used as part of a network feeding information to a control room.

At Farnborough last week, FLIR released a compact pod for locating, identifying and targeting for use on light attack helicopters. It is hoping to interest South Africa in the Star SAFIRE 380-HLDc which offers multispectral imaging and precision laser designation from long ranges. The selling proposition of the product lies in its compact size, allowing for good ground clearance, and high resolution, allowing the expansion in the range of missions flown by light helicopters. A version without the targeting system is available for police and search and rescue roles.