Etion Create out in force at IDEX under Reunert umbrella


Pretoria-based electronics company Etion Create is out in force at the IDEX 2023 exhibition in the United Arab Emirates – the first time it is attending the show since becoming part of the Reunert Limited group.

Etion Create is now a division within Reunert Applied Electronics Holdings – Etion Create’s sale was announced in May last year and finalised in October after Reunert acquired 100% of the issued shares in Etion Create, for R202 million.

“It was felt that the name Etion Create is well-known and firmly established in the Middle East, an important market for our defence solutions,” said Tobie van Loggerenberg, executive manager business development. “At the same time, a new identity coupled with a fresh look and feel, including the addition of the acronym EC, aligns the business perfectly with Reunert to take us to a new level of service to our customers.”

In conjunction with the newly designed brand identity, Etion Create has a redesigned website that went live on 20 February, the same day that IDEX 2023 opened. The website sports the new logo, font design and colour scheme.

Van Loggerenberg explained that Etion Create operates in a range of business sectors, notably renewable energy, and mining (where it focuses on health and safety solutions), as well as defence and rail systems.

In the energy sector, Etion Create relies on its embedded commercial-of-the-shelf (COTS) products used in a variety of ways. Some of its process control systems are utilised in renewable energy grid solutions, such as off-shore wind farms in Europe and the UK, to control the conversion of high-voltage direct current (HVDC) electric current safely and faultlessly.

Likewise with workplace safety a primary concern in the South African and global mining industry, Etion Create has developed collision avoidance solutions, enterprise software, and wireless through the earth detonation systems. The latter is often referred to as electronic initiation using through-the-earth communication.

“The products we conceptualise, design, and manufacture are owned by the client, be it in Australia, Canada, Africa, or any other mining country,” Van Loggerenberg stressed. “We are proud, though, that technology solutions from our engineers and R&D laboratories are utilised successfully around the world.”

A key sector in which Etion Create has been active for decades is the defence industry. For this reason, it is participating in IDEX 2023 (20-24 February) in Abu Dhabi in its new guise.

“The Middle East remains a key market for us as South Africa’s leading original design manufacturer (ODM), hence the display of our innovative CheetahNAV military vehicle navigation system designed, developed and owned by Etion Create in South Africa,” Van Loggerenberg stated. “To date, we have concluded several contracts for the CheetahNAV in this region.”

Several major international vehicle manufacturers are already using the system in their MRAP (mine-resistant armoured protected) and other vehicles.

The CheetahNAV was designed for harsh environments and extreme battlefield conditions. Using an inertial measurement unit (IMU) comprising several aids, including an advanced algorithm, the CheetahNAV provides vehicle crews with outstanding situational awareness.

The system provides dead-reckoning horizontal position accuracy of 0.2% of distance travelled, equivalent to only 200 metres over a distance of 100 kilometres – even in a situation where the vehicle crew is denied satellite navigation.

The tactical grade IMU ensures that the system is also immune to enemy jamming. Data is displayed on a sunlight readable touchscreen enabled moving map display unit in 16:9 TFT format, with a 1920×1080 resolution.

According to van Loggerenberg, the system is offered with a multi-language option for the export market. The company is open to technology transfer to enable indigenous manufacturing.