Etion Create appoints Schalk Laubscher to head up Production


Etion Create, an original design manufacturer of advanced electronics equipment, has announced the appointment of Schalk Laubscher as our new Executive Manager Production, with effect from 1 October 2021, when Schalk took over from Rion Fullard who has served on Etion Create’s board, as well as the executive team since March 2009.

In January 2007, Schalk joined the company as a graduate electronic engineer. In 2011 he moved into a project management position and in 2016 he was promoted to Production Manager. Since then he has worked closely under Rion’s leadership and mentorship.

A few of years back, the executive team introduced a mentorship programme which seeks to train and groom young people in the company to take over senior positions. Schalk has spent the past five years being groomed to become Rion’s successor. Schalk and Rion have worked closely in a solid trust relationship which now allows for a smooth transition into Schalk taking over the role of Executive Manager Production and serving on the executive team. Rion will stay involved with the executive team as a specialist invitee on EXCO. He has assumed the position of Manager Production Engineering.

EXCO, the executive structure, has remained unchanged for the last 8.5 years. It is with a note of sadness but mixed with a serious dash of pride, that we announce this change to our executive team.

Rion’s major contribution during this time has been evident to us all. Amongst others, he was instrumental in introducing the Quality Management System that we use currently and it is fair to say that he built Production as we know it today. As Executive Manager Production, Rion also initiated the establishment and growth of a dedicated Production Engineering team. He has always been a proponent of allowing younger people to grow, and not once in all the years has he tried to put his own personal growth and wellbeing first. It has been an open idea in the organisation that Rion would one day allow for younger blood to take over, and that he would then continue to drive our Production Engineering team as a crucial link between Development, external design authorities and Production, while continuing to support his successor.

Managing Director of Etion Create, Petrus Pelser said, “It is sad that we are coming to the end of an era as Rion steps down from the executive team to drive the Production Engineering team forward, and in doing so, to allow him to focus more of his attention on mentoring, training and supporting his successor. I am proud of Rion’s unselfish and open minded approach to such a change. I thank Rion for the many dedicated years that he served on EXCO and for the tremendous number of hours that he has devoted to making Etion Create a success. I am convinced that this is also the start of a new era where Rion will bring new thoughts and direction to our Production Engineering team.”

Etion Create EXCO team congratulates Schalk on his promotion to the new role and wishes him every success in this position.