Energetics Technology Limited opts for Rippel Effect 40 mm grenade launchers


United Kingdom company Energetics Technology Limited (ETL) has selected Rippel Effect’s XRGL40 40 mm grenade launcher to be used to develop ETL’s range of 40 mm medium velocity grenades.

40 x 51 mm medium velocity grenades have a range of 800 metres, substantially more than traditional low velocity rounds. ETL said during DSEI 2015 that two years of work on medium velocity grenades using Rippel Effect’s launcher culminated in the company securing an important contract with a European client.

The XRGL40 is also used in 40 x 51mm extended range ammunition development programmes by Rheinmetall Denel Munition (RDM) in South Africa, Diehl BGT Defence in Germany (40 x 46 mm NG extended range ammunition), the state-owned Indumil in Colombia and Atlantis Corporation of South Africa, which is certifying its extended-range low-velocity grenades with the XRGL40.

Rippel Effect started marketing the six shot XRGL40 in 2011/12 and in the last two years has managed to sell the XRGL40 extended range 40mm MGL to ten different customers. The extended range 40mm MGL Extended Range System is now operational in the Middle East, Latin America and Far East.

Designed as a true multi-role weapon system, it comes with the GR40 multi-velocity sight, which allows the soldier to fire 40 mm ammunition with different ballistic profiles from the same weapon – both 40×46 mm low-velocity and 40×51 mm medium-velocity grenades and also the latest less-lethal rounds. The XRGL40 can fire low velocity, medium velocity and less lethal ammunition with very low port pressures, including rubber, ball, soft-nose, illuminating and smoke grenades. The 5 kg XRGL40 fires a 220 gram medium velocity projectile to a range of 800 metres, versus 375 metres for low velocity ammunition.

Rippel Effect is known for its series of 40 mm grenade launchers and is focusing on three main products: its new less lethal six-shot multiple grenade launcher RLL37/38 which will be marketed in association with two of the world’s foremost less lethal ammunition manufacturers – Condor of Brazil and ALS of the US; the XRGL40 extended range 40 mm launcher and IGS-4S targeting and sighting system.

Louis Truscott, Marketing Manager at Rippel Effect, told defenceWeb that Rippel Effect recently test fired Rheinmetall’s new less lethal ammunition using the Rippel Less Lethal Launcher range. Rippel is also currently testing the RLL37/38 PPM (Pre-Production Models) in Brazil with Condor and in the USA with ALS. On successful completion of these tests, the launchers will be ready to go into production.