Empowering Tomorrow’s RF Engineers: Alaris Antennas’ Bursary Programme Fuels Innovation and Expertise


Established in 2015, Alaris’ bursary programmes aim to develop and nurture talent to push innovation and ignite curiosity in young people into our exciting industry. Over the past eight years, the company has awarded 16 bursaries and plan to continue to do this for many years to come.

Alaris is committed to searching for the most talented people who will add value to our business and the industry as a whole, by providing RF engineering tertiary educational support through the Alaris Bursary Programme. Our Bursary programme is designed to provide financial assistance to students who demonstrate academic excellence, and also aims to uplift and empower students to have access to quality education. We cover tuition fees including registration, accommodation as well as a monthly living allowance.

Ruenelle Ramnath, Head of Human Resources explains: “Our Bursary Programme’s mandate is to promote transformation, redress the past, bring awareness, and ignite a bigger interest in the field of RF (Radio Frequency) engineering to youths as well as address the current and future skills shortage of the engineering sector. Apart from financial assistance for their studies, it also includes vocation work where the incumbents experience on-the-job training.”

Extract of Testimonials from our students

Ryno a 1st year Computer Science Engineering student: “During my internship, I handled diverse tasks, including code review, implementing SCPY commands, and initiating a new feature. This experience significantly enhanced my embedded C skills, improved my Git collaboration abilities, and introduced me to FreeRTOS. Additionally, it provided me with insight into direction-finding antenna technologies. Collaborating with Alaris employees, proved rewarding as they consistently provided engaging tasks, creating a dynamic work environment.”

Tyron a 3rd year Electronic Engineering student: “During my internship at Alaris, I found the experience both enriching and enjoyable. I had the opportunity to contribute significantly to the efficiency of the testing process by developing an automated testing app for a specific product.  Working closely with an engineer on processing direction-finding (DF) signals allowed me to delve into assessing product performance, leading to valuable improvements and reassessments. Beyond technical skills, the internship provided insights into the intricacies of the RF and defence industry, which will undoubtedly inform my future career decisions. I am grateful for the knowledge and skills acquired during this internship, and I am confident that this experience will guide me in choosing a fulfilling career path in engineering.”

Leard Completed his Electronic engineering degree: “While at Alaris Antennas, I gained knowledge about antenna theory, particularly in the context of direction finding. I also acquired insights into the associated circuitry required for this purpose. The amiable staff consistently addressed my inquiries with a friendly demeanour, ensuring thorough explanations. Working with skilled professionals across diverse disciplines was a rewarding experience, allowing me to contribute and learn in various capacities.”

Jacques, starting his in Masters Electronic Engineering: “My time at Alaris has been a great learning experience. Some of the work I was involved in included development of a test jig, both hardware and software aspects of a PCB design and assisted with the measurement of direction-finding antennas. I was exposed to direction-finding antennas, RF electronics, and various other antenna systems. This exposure included the fundamental concepts behind the operation of the antennas as well as the prototyping and testing of the antennas. I had the opportunity to observe how engineers worked on a project from the initial concept to the final completion of the project. I interacted with the engineers at Alaris and ask questions about concepts in antennas and RF. The engineers at Alaris are very skilled and knowledgeable within their respective fields of expertise and  are very eager to share their knowledge. Overall, the experience was very rewarding. I have gained valuable experience and knowledge from my period of vacation work at Alaris and would recommend it to any student interested in the field of antennas and RF.”

Luke, a 3rd year Electronic engineering student: “During my time at Alaris, I had the opportunity to witness the complete antenna development process from initial design through testing to production. I gained valuable understanding of the operational principles of direction-finding antennas by actively seeking explanations from staff members and directly observing the design process. I was introduced to the test setup procedure and had the opportunity to assist with testing at the antenna test facility. Throughout my time at Alaris Antennas, I witnessed the collaborative efforts required by various engineering disciplines to successfully produce direction finding antennas.”

Marius Koegelenberg, Project and Engineering Manager stated that “the Alaris Antennas engineering team was very impressed with the level of talent that we are able to attract through this programme. Our bursary scheme allows these bright minds to thrive in the very specialized and mysterious world of RF. We are excited for what the future holds with more candidates.”

Marius Minny, Head of Product Development, is looking forward to welcoming more students: “We are serious about having the top engineers working with us. Our bursary programme assists students in understanding the world of RF and gaining the necessary practical knowledge to excel in this field.”

The Alaris Antennas bursary programme is currently open for applications, which close on 15 March 2024. If you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student in electrical engineering with a keen interest in RF, we look forward to receiving your application here: https://antennas.alaris.tech/about