Electronic manufacturing specialists Omnigo carving out a niche in the defence sector


Over the course of 30 years, Omnigo has established itself as one of the leaders in the electronic contract manufacturing market serving the defence and security industry.

Omnigo started out as Factum Electronics in the 1980s, becoming Omnigo in 1999 through a joint venture with Grintek (subsequently Saab Grintek Defence). In 2015, Omnigo was acquired by Reutech as a wholly owned subsidiary and therefore became a part of the Reunert Group under the applied electronics segment, with Reunert injecting tens of millions of Rands into the company. In addition to doing a lot of work for Reutech, the company is one of the preferred suppliers to companies such as Denel and Hensoldt Optronics.

Omnigo specialises in the manufacture of PCB assemblies (PBAs), and offers clients a complete turnkey solution including circuit and production design, component selection, sourcing and procurement of materials, automated assembly, industrialisation and implementation of product and system acceptance tests, and shipping to end-user points of distribution.

Pieter de Nysschen, Managing Director at Omnigo, said the company mainly does low volume orders, with a typical customer ordering 50 units, although some clients do up to 30 000 units per month or per order. This keeps the approximately 200 employees busy at Omnigo’s 4 500 square metre facility in Silverton, Pretoria. De Nysschen said Omnigo is well positioned to service the needs of a variety of clients in the electronics industry.

Apart from PCB production, Omnigo also offers a variety of other services, including conformal coating, system integration, X-ray and automated optical inspection, automated testing, PCB washing, industrialisation, and component procurement as well as looms, cables and wiring and potting, outsourced plastic injection moulding and mechanical packaging, amongst others.

Looking towards the future, de Nysschen said Omnigo is expecting excellent results for the current financial year ending September, despite the current COVID-19 pandemic, with some promising prospects for the 2021 financial year. The company has been able to conclude significant orders with clients in the Middle East and the local market share has shown considerable growth over the last twelve months.