EADS Defence & Security win key ACSA TETRA contract

The state-owned Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) has awarded EADS Defence & Security (EADS DS) a contract to deliver and install a terrestrial trunk radio (TETRA) system at Cape Town International Airport.
The value of the deal has not been disclosed.
EADS DS subsidiary EADS Secure Networks will supply the technology through its SA partner Integcomm, which is part of the Midway Two group of black empowered companies.
The company says, in a statement, more professional mobile radio (PMR) networks “should be deployed in other SA airports to secure the upcoming traffic increase that will peak with the 2010 Soccer world Cup”. ACSA manages 10 major SA airports, creating a potential for at least nine more such contracts. A number of major and other aerodromes exist in addition to the ACSA airports.  

The European defence giant adds that the deal marks the entrance of TETRA “as a reliable and robust communication technology on the transportation and utilities market in South Africa”.

ACSA chose EADS ATEX terminals to ensure that both passengers and personnel benefit from the most advanced and safe terminals. Approximately 100 ACSA staff will be trained in the use of the terminals.